College student finds his lost phone, discovers it’s full of monkey selfies

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A man in Malaysia discovered his phone was stolen by a monkey after finding the animal’s selfies in his camera roll.

Muhammad Zackrydz bin Mohd Rodzi shared the monkey’s glamour shots on Twitter in September. There were even a few videos shot by the critter. Rodzi thought his phone had been stolen while he was asleep.

“There was no sign of robbery. The only thing on my mind was is it some kind of sorcery,” the 20-year-old computer science student told BBC News.

The next afternoon, Rodzi’s father noticed a monkey outside of the house.

“It was my father that initially told me that he saw monkeys around the house area,” Rodzi told the Associated Press. “So I asked my brother to call while I searched. I almost reached the jungle when I found my phone under a palm oil tree.”

When Rodzi retrieved the phone he found several of the primate’s selfies and a video where the confused mammal tried to eat the device.

“Now I am telling you this house is in total lockdown,” he said. “Now, whoever leaves the door open gets scolded. We don’t want this to happen again.”

While there’s no way of verifying how the monkey got its hands on the phone, one thing is for sure this story is strange. Rodzi told BBC News that while monkeys do inhabit residential and urban areas where he lives in Johor, it is not common for them to steal from homes.

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