College student claims 24-year-old woman pretended to be enrolled at several universities since 2018

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 (TikTok / @lindsaydibble)
(TikTok / @lindsaydibble)

A college student has claimed a woman she met at University of North Carolina Wilmington had lied about her name, age, and enrolment at the university. She later discovered that the woman – who is actually 24 years old – had done this before in 2018.

Lindsay Dibble (@lindsaydibble) took to TikTok to share her interaction with the fake college student in a now viral video. “When a girl you met at college lied about her name, age, and every single aspect of her life and you find out her real name and realize she’s done this at multiple schools in North Carolina,” she said in the TikTok video.

The woman – whose real name is Sarah Ferrell – had allegedly posed as an 18-year-old student at UNCW under the name Victoria Blair, Dibble said. In the video, she shared screenshots from news reports of Ferrell trespassing on both UNC and NC State campuses four years prior.

In 2018, the UNC Chapel Hill student newspaper The Daily Tar Heel reported that Ferrell had “posed as a UNC student through social media” and sent “messages to residents to gain access to their residence halls and personal information.” She was issued a warning of trespass by campus police but was not believed to be connected to any criminal activity.

North Carolina State University also received similar reports of Ferrell posing as a student on campus and attempting to access residence halls that same year.

“She just did this to me and my friends at UNCW!! She has been doing this at many schools start in 2018,” Dibble captioned the TikTok. “She’s done it at NC State, Chapel Hill, Duke. She said her name was Victoria Blair and she was 18, but she is actually 24 and her real name is Sarah Ferrell, watch out NC people.”

Many people in the comments section shared similar stories of their alleged interactions with Ferrell in the past.

“She’s still doing this?! I remember her from my freshman year in 2018,” one person said.

“Omg she did this at Chapel Hill in 2018,” another person wrote.


#greenscreen she just did this to me and my friends at UNCW!! she has been doing this at many schools start in 2018. she’s done it at NC state, Chappell hill, duke. she said her name was Victoria blair and she was 18, but she is actually 24 and her real name is sarah ferrell, watch out nc people #uncw #unc #duke #chappellhill #northcarolina #wilmington #PerfectPrideMovement #NightDoneRight

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“This sounds like a Netflix documentary,” said one shocked user.

One TikToker, who was 16 years old at the time, claimed they were best friends with Ferrell in 2020. “We were best friends for almost a year. I slept at her house all the time,” they said, adding that Ferrell, 21, had been calling herself Natalia and pretending to be 17 years old.

Others had more recent run-ins with the fake college student.

“She hung around my friend group too! My friend and I always had a bad feeling about her,” one user claimed. Dibble responded to this comment, agree that she also had a bad feeling about Ferrell once she started sleeping on the couch in her apartment.

“Didn’t she say her apartment at Aspire was infested with bugs or something?” the one TikToker asked. Dibble replied, “Yes, that’s ‘why she had to stay with us’”.

In a follow-up TikTok video, Dibble explained that it was her friend who had discovered the unsettling information about Ferrell after contacting another person at UNC Chapel Hill who had a similar experience with the fake college student.


Reply to @emmaccath for those of y’all who wanted to know the run down #fyp #wilmingtonnc #uncw

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“I had asked her to leave multiple times. She didn’t really leave,” the friend began her story. “I was talking to somebody who was my friend at Chapel Hill and I was telling them my situation and how it was kind of [suspicious] and they were like, ‘I had a friend who had the exact same thing happen to her.’”

“He asked me to send a picture of the girl who was doing it to me and I did and he told me pretty much everything,” she added. “I looked her name up and I found it and I was just freaking out.”

“Moral of the story is please just be careful who you meet, who you talk to,” Dibble chimed in. “Go with your gut.”

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