Collabs Like Coach x Bape Don't Come Around Very Often

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Photo credit: Coach x Bape
Photo credit: Coach x Bape

EXCLUSIVE. When McDonald's muscles into the whole collab fashion thing, the world says: enough. The col-laboratory's experiments have gone too far. To the Hague you go. Because, ultimately, there are too many collabs in this world. And more often then not, they're mere marketing exercises that either scrub a brand's anti-worker, pro-corpulence image (as is the case with McDonald's), or tap into a new lucrative market to bolster the bottom line (because capitalism, baby!) Every now and then though, a collab does make sense, and it does cut through, and it does hold meaning – much like Coach's latest outing with legendary Japanese cult label Bape.

With a campaign fronted by Kōki, Cordae and Megan Thee Stallion (real hot girl shit and so on and so forth) Coach x Bape was specially designed as a series of love letters between New York and Tokyo. And it shows. As one of America's oldest fashion houses, Coach has applied its prestige in the fiiiiine leather goods market to a newer, fresher aesthetic under the tutelage of creative director Stuart Vevers. Couple that with Bape's signature codes of camo, streetwear and hi-graphic prints, and here's a collection that proves to be a natural meeting point for two brands that, despite coming from two very different places, are heading to a very similar terminus.

The collab (the second of its kind between Coach and Bape) includes a mix of ready-to-wear, leather goods, footwear and accessories. Our highlight: a bucket hat in an iceberg shade. It turns Coach's house monogram into a brand new print, and encompasses the gorilla head logo of Bape (which is short for A Bathing Ape, by the way). Very "can you grab me an ice cold marg and a Fruit Pastille lolly from the bar, please?" circa Ibiza '96.

While a full release won't happen until 24 July, you can sign up for preorder online at today. It won't hang around for long – and collabs like this don't come around often.

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