Colin Cowherd Has a Strongly Worded Message for Taylor Swift Haters

Colin Cowherd and Taylor Swift.<p>Jerod Harris/Getty Images and Steve Granitz/Getty Images</p>
Colin Cowherd and Taylor Swift.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images and Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Whether you’re a Swiftie or a pop culture fanatic, there’s no way you’ve missed out on the dialogue surrounding Taylor Swift and the NFL. The 12-time Grammy Award winner and Kansas City chiefs tight end Travis Kelce have been drawing major attention with their sweet relationship—but not everyone is a happy camper about it.

Many NFL fans claim Swift is a distraction, while others simply use the internet to complain about how frequently the “You Belong With Me” singer is shown on broadcasts while attending games in a private suite to support her partner.

One person who is not complaining? Sports media personality Colin Cowherd, who recently came to Swift’s defense on his sports talk show, The Herd With Colin Cowherd.

“There’s a lot of really weird, lonely, insecure men out there,” the 60-year-old broadcaster stated. “The fact that a pop star—the world’s biggest pop star—is dating a tight end—who had one of his greatest games ever—and a network puts them on the air briefly, that it bothers you, what does that say about your life?”

Cowherd went on to say that a “football telecast is not just football,” before really driving his point home.

The New York Times measured how long she was actually on the broadcast,” he stated before citing the original article. “Do you know how long it is, on average? Twenty five seconds, in three-and-a-half hours.”

Cowherd also pointed out that male celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Drake and Eminem, who are often shown at professional sporting events, are celebrated rather than harassed. 

“But a talented and beautiful woman is on the air, one who would never pay attention to lonely men, and it bothers them,” he added. “ ... This says nothing about Taylor Swift. It says everything about the men bothered by it.”

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