Coffee bar ideas: how to create the perfect coffee station

coffee bar ideas coffee station design
Coffee bar ideas: How to create a coffee stationHigham Furniture

There has been a growing trend since mid-pandemic days of creating small pockets within the home that support our most treasured rituals. Bathrooms have become luxurious and indulgent 'spathrooms', little reading nooks have become popular, and now the latest iteration is the coffee bar.

Sales of coffee machines grew exponentially during the pandemic as we attempted to create the coffee shop experience at home. This has given rise to a nation of enthusiastic amateur baristas with a desire to create something within their homes dedicated to their love for and rituals around coffee. The coffee bar, or coffee station, is the neatest design solution.

Here we look at how to create the perfect coffee bar from start to finish.

Create space for your station

coffee bar ideas coffee station design

A coffee station can be a standout feature in your kitchen, it can be integrated into alcoves and corners, arranged on a freestanding trolley or bar cart, or you could even remove a cupboard door to create recessed open shelving – there is really no space too small.

'First things first, you need to choose where your coffee station will go,' says Matt Moxham, art director at Studio. 'The size and scale of this station will depend on how large your kitchen is, as well as the statement you want to make.

'Get creative with your current kitchen layout to make space for your station, for example by placing lesser-used appliances in a cupboard or on a shelf. In particularly small kitchens and living spaces that have limited surface or wall space, you can instead opt for a storage trolley to deck out with your coffee-making essentials.'

Invest in the right equipment

'You can make delicious coffee with a cost-friendly cafetière or even just your favourite instant coffee,' says Matt. 'But, if you do want to get the true coffee shop experience at home, then it might be worth investing in a coffee machine. As many households are looking to reduce their energy usage, it is a good idea to do some research into which coffee machines within your budget are most energy efficient.'

It's also worth considering what type of coffee machine will suit you and your kitchen best. 'For instance, bean-to-cup will be louder and messier but is generally more cost-effective in the long term,' explains Matt. 'Whereas capsule pod coffee machines are ideal if you want to experiment with different flavours with ease – just remember that you’ll need somewhere to store your pods!

'For those who don’t want to purchase a coffee machine just yet, or don't have space for one, then you can enhance your hot drinks with other, smaller appliances. For example, milk frothers and hot chocolate makers are great additions to any station.'

Make good use of mugs

Your Nespresso machine alone does not make a coffee station – it is very much the work of your accessories and styling and clever storage displays. Some of the best coffee stations rely on a colourful mismatch of mugs wherever decoration is lacking.

'When it comes to enjoying a coffee, do not underestimate the power of a good mug,' says Matt. 'And mugs don’t just make a difference to your drinking experience, but the appearance of your coffee station too. Rather than storing them out of sight in a cupboard, add a rack to your station and display your mugs on it to add dimension to the space.

'Use mugs as an opportunity to bring colour into your coffee station and kitchen, opting for shades that you perhaps have shied away from in the past, such as bold magentas or pastel hues. You can swap out these colours as and when you want, or just continue adding to your collection to create a maximalist feel.'

Add stylish storage solutions

There is a lot that goes into the perfect coffee and you want to be prepared to cater for guests too, which might include coffee pods or beans, syrups or sugars, a milk frother, and even tea bags, hot chocolate and marshmallows. And all this before you even consider mugs, glasses, teacups and spoons. There is a lot that needs a home.

'Simple yet effective, glass jars are the perfect way to store your coffee-making must-haves,' says Matt. 'Glass containers create a chic yet homely appearance and can also stand the test of time if you choose to switch up your kitchen décor or coffee station colour scheme, making them the perfect investment. You could even elevate your storage by creating luxurious-looking labels for your glass jars.'

Accessorise your station

coffee bar ideas

When creating your coffee bar, consider how you will frame it so that it looks contained, intimate and deliberate. Framing with paint, plants, shelving, or even curtains would work wonders.

'Whether you drape hanging plants and foliage on your coffee station shelves or embellish the walls with artistic prints, put the effort into making the space feel special and a spot you can really enjoy within your home,' says Matt. 'You could even create a feature wall or painted arch behind the coffee station to add more colour, dimension, and wow factor to your kitchen.'

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