These Cocktail Pods From Bacardi Will Make At-Home Cocktail Making SO Much Easier

Marianna Gould
·2-min read

From Delish

Let's be honest, a very small number of us can knock up a delicious-tasting cocktail in a matter of seconds. You know, like those lovely people behind our favourite bar (I'm talking about you, Mario).

Unfortunately, we're not all blessed with the cocktail-shaking powers of a professional bartender. But, that doesn't mean we can't give a go. And with Bacardi's new innovative Twistails, we're well on our way to bar-perfect cocktails at home.

The cocktail pods come in a variety of flavours including Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri and Rum Punch. They use a dual chamber which delivers a fresh cocktail experience every time and require basically no effort. Simply add water and ice, your cocktail pod of choice and twist. And there you have it, a bar-quality (and incredibly tasty) cocktail. Plus, the cocktail pods and packaging are recyclable. Win-win!

Available on Amazon now, you can get your hands on the Twistails Starter Pack, which features a branded cocktail shaker, strainer and six pods.

And if you really are a keen cocktail maker, you may already have your own stainless steel shaker, so simply buy the pods on their own. Six 50ml pods will set you back just £22.99, and when you think about how much cocktails cost in the real world, that's not too bad at all.

Ankush Manchanda, Digital & Ecommerce Director for Bacardi, says: “With more and more people seeking convenience and home entertainment solutions, we asked ourselves how Bacardi could use its expertise as one of the world’s top spirits companies to create a product that would address this gap; and this is how TWISTAILS® was born.”

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