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Coca-Cola reveals a can of coke takes an hour of canoeing to burn off

Kim Hookem-Smith
Yahoo Lifestyle
5 November 2012

Coca-Cola has launched a nutrition section on its website, including a calorie calculator, to show how much exercise is needed to burn off a single can of coke.

The interactive tool shows the calorie numbers in various different soft drinks including faves Coca-Cola and Sprite, as well as their diet versions, through to Glaceau Vitamin Water range and even mineral water bottles (which reassuring contain zero calories).

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For a can of coke, you need to do 22 minutes of aerobics or 24 minutes of badminton. If you fancy something more exotic, 45 minutes of ballroom dancing or 53 minutes of canoeing will burn that can off. 
But for many of us, a can of coke grabbed to keep us going at our desk won’t be worked off by the tapping of our fingers on the keyboard alone and even a Glaceau Vitamin Water takes 10 minutes of moderate walking, or 19 minutes of vacuuming, to burn off.

The tool appears to be aimed exclusively at women – the calorie consumption weight is based on a ‘typical UK female of 60kg’- and aims to help “highlight some of the unusual, fun and interesting ways you can achieve energy balance”.

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If you’re watching your waistline, the diet options are calorie free. But if you’re watching your health, the mineral water is no doubt the best bet.

Do you want to find out how much exercise your favourite soft drink takes to burn, or would you rather not know? Give us a shout on Twitter.

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