CND Vinylux Review: One Week Nail Polish

Natalie Baker
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CND Vinylux Review: One Week Nail Polish

CND Vinylux Review: 7 Day Nail Polish

If a fortnightly gel manicure is too much hassle but your regular polish just doesn't last long enough, CND (the people behind the Shellac gel nail system) have come up with a clever solution; A week-long nail polish that lasts for seven days without chipping. It applies like a regular polish but hardens like a gel. And the best part of all is that there's no need for a base coat or curing under a UV lamp, making it a cinch to apply. As a total and utter nail polish junkie I couldn't wait to see if it lived up to its claims.

How does it work?

Vinylux is a self-adhering colour coat that eliminates the need for a base coat -in fact using a base coat actually inhibits the long-wear formula. Simply apply two coats of the Vinylux weekly colour then follow with the weekly top coat. The top coat becomes more durable when exposed to natural light to ensure no chipping or scratching for at least one week.

While gel nails traditionally use UV lamps to cure polishes to give them a durable, glossy finish. CND have taken the idea of a longer-wearing polish and made it convenient for at-home use. While gel nails need to be soaked off, Vinylux is removed with an acetone-based nail polish remover and cotton pad, just like a regular nail polish.


The colour polish initially dries to a dull finish but the top coat gives nails a glossy, luxe finish. The polish dries in around 8 minutes, unlike a regular polish which can take between 15-20 minutes. I used the Midnight Blue shade, a deep navy with a shimmer running throughout, and found two coats gave me a perfectly opaque look.

How did it last?

After a week spent decorating a bedroom and getting the garden ready for summer I really put my hands and nails through it. By day four I still had immaculate colour and by day eight I had a minor chip on my index finger and a bit of wear around the ends. Overall, I'm totally impressed!

CND Vinylux is available as an in-salon treatment or for individual purchase from selected CND stockists, visit to find your nearest. Weekly Colour, £9.95 and Weekly Topcoat, £9.95. There are currently 62 shades available and 30 matching colours from the Shellac range.