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Photo credit: ITV - ITV
Photo credit: ITV - ITV

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With its bonkers format and brilliant costumes, The Masked Singer UK quickly became our biggest TV obsession in 2020. So, with the launch of the second series, our magnifying glasses are back out as we try and decipher which celebrities are behind the masks.

Judges Davina McCall, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross are joined by new panelist, Mo Gilligan, as they hear 12 celebrities belt out some of their favourite songs while trying to remain undetected. Each week, as we hear contestants perform, we're given clues by the characters as to who they could be. Last season's winner, Queen Bee, turned out to be the incredible Nicola Roberts, who wowed the audience with her vocals.

So, what's in store for The Masked Singer season 2? Let's take a look at all the hints and theories so far...

Who is Harlequin?

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

Week 1 clues: Kicking off the clues, Harlequin ~speaking from a stately home~ began, "A harlequin is a bit of a clown. And although I’m no fool, you could definitely say that I’m a bit of a joke. Would I say taking part in The Masked Singer was a laugh? Absolutely not."

Harlequin then picked up a newspaper, which had ‘breaking news’ written on it, prompting judge Rita to suspect Harlequin "might be in the tabloids a lot".

Harlequin continued, "The thought of walking onto the stage is honestly quite terrifying, you might even have to push me on there."

The masked singer's final clue was that she once played a male lead in a musical.

Week 2 clues: She said she was “fascinated by stories and loved to read”, prompting Jonathan to suspect it could be a newsreader, while Mo said it could be a presenter or journalist behind the mask. She especially loved "tales of horror and gore”, Harlequin continued. She added she likes to tell stories of her own and “her stories were heard by many people” around the world and they told her their stories in return.

Two lies and a truth: My bodyguard received a lot of attention / I get up before the sun for work / I once turned down a prince

Week 3 clues: Harlequin said it’s not the “first time they’ve cleaned up” and said they love to have a clean home. They added that they’re a homebody, but do enjoy a festival. Harlequin sang Tracy Chapman’s 'Fast Car'.

What the judges said in week 1: Beverley Knight, Scarlett Moffatt, Tracy Chapman, Justin Timberlake

What the judges said in week 2: Des’ree, Macy Gray, Alexandra Burke, Emeli Sande, Fergie, Sheila Ferguson

What the judges said in week 3: Tracy Chapman, Desiree, Catherine Tate, Grace Jones, Emily Sande, Sue Pollard

  • Who viewers think it is: Gabrielle, Scarlett Moffatt, Beverley Knight, Charlene White

Who is Blob?

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

Week 1 clues: Speaking from inside a school classroom, Blob described themselves as "big, bright and loud" before adding he wears glasses, "Oh and it’s not the first time I’ve been called four eyes."

Blob went on, "As a kid, I wanted to be James Bond or Batman but instead I became the Blob," which lead to Rita thinking he might be a kids’ TV presenter, while Davina said he could be an actor.

"And just like Batman I’m going to use a costume to conceal my true identity. Tonight I’ve got all four eyes on the prize and I’m hoping to go out there and make a good first impression," Blob added before singing a rendition of 'Uptown Funk'.

Blob’s final clue was that he had recorded a demo for Simon Cowell.

Week 2 clues: Blob kicked off their VT by explaining as a musician he’s had the “great fortune of duetting with some amazing artists, which has lead me to come face to face with some legendary and personal heroes of mine”.

Blob revealed they play to large audiences as well as intimate gigs and once played for a “top political journalist”. Standing in a playground, Blob said his career had seen him “perform with the best”, like when he worked with George Michaels’ producer. Blob has also written songs.

Two lies and a truth: I was named after a doctor / this blob is anything but squishy / I am related to my sidekick

Week 3 clues: Hinting at his comedic background, he said he “always stands up for what he’s believes in” and “laughter can do wonderful things”. Blob continued, “I also learn that sometimes making yourself a punchline can win over the toughest of crowds.”

Host Joel Dommett said every song would be a clue about the singer, and Blob covered Pitbull’s 'Hotel Room Service' which viewers thought was a sure-fire nod to it being Lenny Henry under the mask, as he is the face of Premier Inn hotels.

What the judges said in week 1: Richard Osman, Romesh Ranganathan, Greg Davies, Andi Peters, Harry Hill

What the judges said in week 2: Greg Davies, Frank Skinner, Stephen Fry

What the judges said in week 3: Greg Davies, Joe Wicks, Ainsley Harriott, David Walliams

Who viewers think it is: Lenny Henry

Who is Viking?

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

Week 1 clues: Standing on a misty mountain, Viking repeated the word "curious" three times as he walked past a wall that had ‘King’s rock’ etched on it.

"You are curious about who I am, I am curious too and that’s the thing about a Viking. We are a curious kind. We are explorers, we forge our own way, we discover answers."

"As in my career, throughout this competition I’ll be looking for a voice," Viking continued, prompting the judges to suspect it might be a judge on The Voice. "Tonight I’m battling out with Seahorse. Good luck Seahorse from me, Viking."

When Viking gave his final clue, revealing he "may be a Viking but I also wear another kind of armour", viewers at home thought it could be a reference to singer James Blunt’s time in the army.

Week 2 clues: Holding a US flag, Viking said he breaks the rules. He then smashed a real record in half, which Jonathan thought pointed to Jerome Flynn being behind the mask. “Tonight the battle calls for me once more,” the character concluded.

Two lies and a truth: I am the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge / my first hit dialled m for murder / my early career relied on brotherly love

Week 3 clues: Viking pointed at ‘Spandau Flats’ on a map before revealing, "My career has been one of billions, over a billion people have watched me do my thing.”

He went on, "As precious metals go, steel has proved useful in my career."

What the judges said in week 1: Mika, Taron Egerton, Alfie Allen

What the judges said in week 2: Jerome Flynn, Chris Evans, Martin Kemp

What the judges said in week 3: Matt or Luke Goss, Jerome Flynn, Pat Sharp, Ben Adams

  • Who viewers think it is: Morten Harket, Justin Lee Collins

Who is Bush Baby? John Thomson

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

Week 1 clues: Speaking in an Australian accent, Bush Baby revealed, "I'm a nocturnal creature, night time is when you might find me up and about. Bush babies are very cheeky and full of mischief, do you want to see a magic trick? I've got some tricks up my sleeve."

As he juggled potatoes, the judges thought he could be a magician, comedian or chef. Punching the air, Bush Baby added, "This isn't my first competition, I've been training."

Following his performance, the masked singer revealed: "A lot of my wardrobe has been seen on screen."

Week 2 clues: Bush Baby referenced boxing and cooking and said he’s a trickster, adding “tonight I’m using my whole box of tricks to make sure I skip through to the next round”.

Week 3 clues: The judges still didn’t have a clue about Bush Baby's identity as he revealed he’s known for bad behaviour before covering 'Please Release Me'. The Cold Feet star later said the song choice was a clue to him being in The Fast Show while the magic references were clues to him being an amateur magician.

Two lies and a truth: I’m associated with activities in the night sky / I know the recipe to success / they say never work with children or animals but I’ve done both

What the judges said in week 1: Ant McPartlin, Dynamo, Joe Swash, Gino DiCampo, Matt Lucas, Peter Andre

What the judges said in week 2: Matt Lucas, Jamie Oliver

Who viewers think it is: Mark Little, Matt Lucas, Brian Conley

Who is Grandfather Clock? Glenn Hoddle

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

Week 1 clues: "It's a funny old thing time, you don't tend to think about it until it's running out and that can be an alarming thought," Grandfather Clock began. As the camera zoomed in on a small statue of a lion, he continued, "But when you're chasing time you learn to make every single minute count, who knows when you might be in extra time."

With another picture of a lion in the background, Grandfather Clock said, "During my career I've had the good fortune of spending many of my hours looking after a great estate. It brings me huge pride to be the keeper of such a loved institution."

As a pair of football boots were shown, Davina guessed that it could be a famous goalkeeper. "I may be a grandfather clock, but don't let that fool you," he added, "I'm extremely young at heart and I do relish a bit of competition." A third lion then flashed up as well as trophies and a pair of boots with spurs on.

Grandfather Clock's final clue was: "I've never been an academic, but I have been called a genius."

Week 2 clues: The first clue was a postcode SN1, which fans thought was a link to Glenn Hoddle because he started his managerial career at Swindon. Another clue also pointed to Hoddle as there was also a postcard from Bulgaria - the country he made his footballing debut and scored a wonder goal against. Grandfather Clock explained they had “seen the Hand of God”.

What the judges said in week 1: David Seaman, Des Lynam, Bradley Walsh, Les Ferdinand, David James

What the judges said in week 2: Peter Shilton, Ian Wright, Gary Lineker, Lee Dickson, David Seaman

  • Who viewers though it was: Glenn Hoddle, Tom Baker, David Seaman, Frank Skinner, Vinnie Jones

Who is Robin?

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

Week 1 clues: Clues immediately pointed to the idea of Robin being a performer. In the first tape, we saw posters of the character on stage with a microphone.

"I'm fast, light on my feet and I'm ready to go the distance," Robin said, suggesting it could be someone who's particularly athletic.

Viewers were then prompted to believe it was someone who had previously been in TV soap EastEnders, as a sign for Albert Square appeared in the background.

However, the line "I may be a Robin, but I've been known to fly without wings," suggested there could be a Westlife connection, in reference to their song 'Flying Without Wings'.

Week 2 clues: Robin revealed, "Sport has always been a huge part of my life, as a chick I would always be on the go." As a failed IQ test flashed up, Robin went on, "If I wasn’t on the athletics track, I’d be out with the kids having a kick around. I guess it’s fair to say I’d always be a footballer."

Robin also said he'd "represented his country" in red colours and this would be another “feather in his cap”.

Robin’s two lies and a truth: my real name is out of this world / this robin’s habitat is more tropical than you think / I started performing by doing impressions.

What the judges said in week 1: Joe Swash, Dean Gaffney, Bruno Mars, Amir Khan

What the judges said in week 2: Marcus Rashford, Michael Owen, Harry Redknapp, Nicky Byrne, Olly Murs, Bruno Mars

  • Who viewers think it is: Aston Merrygold, Olly Murs, Gareth Gates

Who is Swan? Martine McCutcheon

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

Week 1 clues: "Swans might be known for being beautiful birds, but when I think of swans I think of their loyalty, their strength and independence," Swan's VT began. The nod to independence led Jonathan Ross to believe the character was American, while others thought it could be a strong, female character behind the mask.

Swan then strutted her way through a ballroom, which could've been a hint that this star had made an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, or even been a professional dancer themselves.

She also mentioned that there was something "royal" about swans, before adding that her "career had been very honoured", suggesting she may have been awarded something such as an MBE.

Week 2 clues: Swan revealed she had served a Prime Minister and "had deals with more than one president of the USA". Swans two lies and a truth were: I used to be part of a girl band / I'm not as grand as my name suggests / I might be a swan, but I'm also something of a cat woman.

Jonathan, who was the only judge to correctly guess the Love Actually star, said he remembered Martine once telling him that she was in a girl band.

What the judges said in week 1: Michelle Visage, Ashley Roberts, Kimberly Wyatt, Darcey Bussell

What the judges said in week 2: Kimberly Wyatt, Ashley Roberts, Idina Menzel, Martine McCutcheon

  • Who viewers thought it was: Kim Wilde, Shirley Ballas, Michelle Visage, Martine McCutcheon

Who is Sausage?

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

Week 1 clues: Describing themselves as "tomboy and a bit of a silly sausage", the character was seen frolicking around Blackpool, suggesting it could be someone Northern.

Sausage then went to "Billie's Burgers", prompting viewers and the judges to think it could be someone with the name Billie or an association to that name. However, it's worth noting that one of the menu items was 'Red Herring' - which could be a clue that it was a total dud.

After listening to Sausage's performance, fans made their guesses based on the star's phenomenal voice.

Week 2 clues: The VT began with the contestant saying sausages can either be gourmet or no-nonsense, and she’s the latter. As she walked past a pub quiz sign holding a tool box, Sausage revealed she'd be happy with "a couple of beers and a bag of potato snacks”, which fans thought was a nod to Sheridan Smith’s appearance in the British sitcom Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

Following her incredible performance of Broadway hit ‘And I Am Telling You, I'm Not Going’, Sausage shared her two lies and a truth: my hair colour is officially certified by law / I look like a pop star, I sound like a pop star and I am a pop star / I owe my career to a horse.

Sausage’s mention of her hair being "certified by law" led Jonathan to make the connection to Sheridan appearing in the West End production of Legally Blonde.

Week 3 clues: “Someone once said I look like a horse,” Sausage kicked off her VT saying, which is her second horse reference. For this week’s performance, she sang 'All Around The World' By Lisa Stansfield, which the judges thought was a sign that she's well-travelled.

What the judges said in week 1: Stacey Solomon, Maya Jama, Edwina Curry, Billie Piper

What the judges said in week 2: Sheridan Smith, AJ Odudu, Kirstie Allsopp, Jennifer Hudson

What the judges said in week 3: Sia, Celine Dion, Stacey Solomon

  • Who viewers think it is: Sheridan Smith, Zoe Ball, Meghan Trainor, Amanda Holden

Who is Dragon?

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

Week 1 clues: Dragon wandered around a castle in their first tape, (which was then identified as one in Wales), but their first words appeared to suggest they had an American accent.

Dragon also referenced they mustn't "drag on", prompting viewers to believe it could be a drag queen behind the mask. The character also has a rainbow tummy, heightening the theory that it's a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

"The thing about dragons is they're all fire and strength on the outside but underneath they just want to be loved," Dragon said, hinting that they could be someone with a quieter personality.

However, Mo suggested that it could be someone from TV show Dragon's Den, after Dragon walked into a doll's house, with the wall falling down to reveal piles of money hidden inside

Week 2 clues: Dragon didn’t give too much away but revealed “it was a dare that got me started in my career” and said they also met their boyfriend on stage. Rita was convinced it was a comedian behind the mask.

Two lies and a truth: my name is my biggest clue / I once had an embarrassing incident with a famous shoe / I know my own IQ backwards.

Week 3 clues: Dragon spoke about taking “perilous journeys” as they held a toy steering wheel. A pink iPod also made an appearance which stumped the judges. Dragon also said they’re no “oathbreaker”, leading fans at home to think it could be someone who has appeared in Game of Thrones. For this performance, Dragon sang ‘All By Myself’.

What the judges said in week 1: Sandi Toksvig, Dion Dublin, Peter Jones, Jesse Tyler Ferguson

What the judges said in week 2: Amy Schumer, Rebel Wilson, Elijah Wood, Catherine Ryan, Miranda Hart, Sandi Toksvig

What the judges said in week 3: Miranda Hart, RuPaul, Julian Clary

  • Who viewers think it is: Courtney Act

Who is Badger?

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

Week 1 clues: Despite being behind a mask, badger immediately took to the stage with a rock star swagger that had viewers and judges convinced it's someone who has spent a long time in the spotlight, or as a performer.

"Stepping out of the set but will this badger stand out from the crowd?" Badger said, before suggesting they weren't someone who was instantly recognisable in the street.

Badger quite clearly had a London accent, and given the nature of the outfit, people are also convinced they're a motorbike enthusiast.

Week 2 clues: In the VT, Badger referenced early starts and said he was shy around girls when he was younger. "At school I wrote poems about girls that I liked, but I was so shy I would never show them," he added.

With a periodic table in the background, Badger revealed he previously kept his talent hidden because he was so shy. And, while fixing a motorbike, he added that he learnt that being himself was his greatest gift.

Badger's two lies and a truth: I'm good at dodging furniture / when working, I'm often found in green / strictly speaking, dancing is something I'm well known for.

Week 3 clues: Badger said they grew up in a large, creative family and was inspired by his mum to follow his passion. "It was mum who opened me up to my gift when I was very young. With so many of us under one roof, there was little room to spare,” he shared. “There wasn't even room for a mouse in the house."

Badger then nailed a performance of Kelly Clarkson’s hit 'Because of You', and Jonathan was convinced he recognised the voice to by Kelly Jones from Stereophonics.

What the judges said in week 1: Dave Myers, The Stig, Jimmy Carr, Jay Kay from Jamiroquai

What the judges said in week 2: Alan Titchmarsh, Brian Cox, Ross Kemp. Christopher Biggins

What the judges said in week 3: Jeremy Clarkson, Kelly Jones, Jamiroquai, Brian Cox, Tom Hardy

  • Who viewers think it is: Ne-Yo, James Toseland, Carl Fogarty, Jack Black, Damon Albarn, Peter Andre, Ore Oduba

Who is Seahorse? Mel B

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

Week 1 clues: After confidently strutting onto the stage, the masked singer said "seahorses have a magic quality" and the judges immediately detected a Northern accent.

Other clues included a nod to presenting, and Seahorse also revealed they'd once stolen toilet paper from a "total legend's" house. Mo was the only judge to correctly guess it was the former Spice Girls singer.

What the judges said: Trisha Goddard, Jessica Ennis, Debbie McGee, Mel B

  • Who viewers thought it was: Sheridan Smith, Debbie McGee, Kimberley Walsh, Mel B, Olivia Colman

Who is Alien? Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

Week 1 clues: We didn't have to wait too long to find out the identity of Alien as they were knocked out in week one, and was subsequently revealed to be Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Her clues however, were subtle. They included a crime scene tape in reference to her hit song 'Murder on the Dancefloor' and referenced an "epic battle" which was hinting towards her Game of Thrones appearance in its final season.

There was also a wedding dress on a mannequin which was a nod to her 'Get Over You' music video, and several references to the fashion industry (Sophie was previously a model before her singing career took off).

But, the audience wasn't fooled. Sophie's instantly recognisable voice made it clear who was behind the mask as soon as the song began, despite trying to change her accent to fool people.

What the judges said: Lily Allen, Sophie Dahl, Hannah Cooper, Brenda Blethyn

  • Who viewers thought it was: Paris Hilton, Billie Piper, Jodie Whittaker

The Masked Singer airs on Saturday on ITV at 7pm.

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