Is it a Cloud? No it's his mane - meet Sikro the Ukrainian mountain rescue dog

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SES of Ukraine/Cover Images

Mountain rescuers in Transcarpathia in Ukraine have a fantastic and fluffy helper - Sikro the Hungarian sheepdog.

Also known as a Komondor, the breed is often used to guard livestock in rural, mountainous areas of Eastern Europe. Sikro though has an even more important job - helping the State Emergency Service of Ukraine find those who get into trouble in the region.

Sharing images of the magnificent moptop on duty, SES officials wrote on Telegram: "No, it's not a sheep, it's not a cloud, it's not a toy, it's a very serious dog named Sikro. He's serious because his mission is to save people in the mountains."

Describing how valuable a member he is of their team, they added: "Sikro is a reliable, intelligent and talented assistant of mountain rescuers."

He is just one of a number of heroic hounds on duty during Ukraine's war with Russia, with Kyiv defended by a Rottweiler named Gabriella, Rivne police helped by sapper dogs Voin and Torin, and the most famous of all being Chernihiv's explosives-hunting Jack Russell terrier, Patron.

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