These clever £7 gloves make washing up much easier

Anya Meyerowitz
·3-min read
These clever £7 gloves make washing up much easier. (Getty Images)
Find washing up a chore? These gloves may help. (Getty Images)

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I’ve always thought that - bar putting on music or a podcast - there was nothing you could do do to make washing up more enjoyable.

And I was right, but I have found something to make the household chore less time consuming.

Like many of us, I’ve spent a lot more time on Amazon that necessary during the pandemic - ordering all manner of weird and wonderful gizmos and gadgets: some forgettable, some downright awful and some really brilliant.

These Magic Dishwashing Gloves with Scrubber were a late night purchase - some sort of carrot I extended to myself as I slowly ran out of time to start the washing up from our roast that day.

With more meals cooked at home than ever before, I know I’m not the only person who is crying out for a way to make the washing up faster and easier.

The magic cleaning gloves are made from stretchy, anti-bacterial, food grade silicone, and can resist temperatures of up 160 degrees.

I slip them on, add a little washing up liquid and then just rub my hands all over the pot, pan or plate I’m cleaning.

It means I don’t need to use sponges and can get into tricky corners or really scratch away at dried on stains, which saves me time and unnecessary agitation.

It also means I’m happy to let my partner try his hand at cooking - knowing we won’t need to spend the next few hours trying to scrub off the burnt rice at the bottom of the pot.

Whenever you want to clean the gloves, you can just chuck them into the washing machine - which is more than I can say for lots of the expensive crockery I regret buying.

Buy them: Magic Dishwashing Gloves with Scrubber | £7 from Amazon

What the reviews say:

  • “What a good idea, and these are perfect at getting animal and human hair off carpets & soft furnishing, as well as washing up.”

  • “I use these dishwashing gloves then I see oil and grease get removed from dishes. I no longer need to spend time cleaning [the] dishcloth after washing dishes. Love it.”

  • “This pair of gloves is very useful. It helps me to get the job done faster and also protects my hands from the aggressive chemicals from detergent or other cleaning products. It comes with a hanger where you can put the gloves to dry, pretty smart idea.”

  • “I loved the versatility of this product. Easy to use and wash. It’s easy for everyone in the family to use.”

  • “The gloves seem to be very durable and almost puncture proof. Great value and cleaner dishes, without many different manoeuvres.”

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