This clever foundation hack will help you find your perfect colour match

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Photo credit: Olha Romaniuk - Getty Images
Photo credit: Olha Romaniuk - Getty Images

We all know how confusing it can be to find the perfect foundation. As well as deciding on the right formula according to your skin type, coverage needs and preferred finish, you then have to undergo the search for a seamless colour match. Enter an array of questions, from the best place to swatch a foundation to how to discover your undertones. To put it shortly: it can be a minefield.

But there’s something else we don’t really discuss. Let's say you’ve visited the beauty counter, swatched a couple of formulas on your jawline, found your perfect foundation match and rush to buy it. You apply it all over your face at home before heading out, only to later look in the mirror and realise… it doesn’t actually match your face or neck anymore. A complete waste of money, right?

But beauty educator and content creator Rose Siard has a genius tip that’ll help you to make sure you’re spending your money correctly: let your foundation swatches dry down completely first. Yep, it’s as easy at that.

“Don’t pick a foundation until it completely dries down,” Rose explains in an Instagram video."With matte and longwear foundations, you definitely need to wait to see the colour."

After swatching five different foundations on her face, Rose lets them dry down completely. She then applies a fresh swatches of the same five foundations directly above the corresponding dried-down swatch. Just on the first Chanel foundation alone, you can already see a huge difference and as Rose goes on, it's clear just how different each foundation looks when it’s freshly applied, compared to dried down.

One reason for this is simply due to dry-down shade change but another reason our foundation can change colour after it’s applied is due to oxidisation. This is when the pigments in your foundation react to certain factors, such as the air, your skin’s acidity or even your skin’s natural oils.

“You can see it happens all the time with so many different foundations and it’s not always a bad thing,” says Rose. “I would’ve [written off] most of these foundations as too yellow. Next time you’re foundation shopping, make sure you let them dry down.”

And now, we’ll never waste money on the wrong foundation colour again.

Of course, Rose’s video was inundated with comments from users who, like us, were blown away:

One user wrote: “I just learned something new and it makes so much sense!!! Thank you so much for these vids!”.

One agreed, adding: “Omg yesss I hate when I color match people at Sephora and they’re like so impatient, I’m like please wait till it dries down and walk around and come back !!!”

While one summed up our thoughts, writing: “Mind blown right now!! Thank you, amazing tip!!! ”

Rose, we bow down.

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