How did Cleveland and Los Angeles newspapers treat the LeBron news?

LeBron James officially made his free agent decision on Sunday night when he announced that he’s signing a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, saving everyone from weeks of speculation and rumors. Now that it’s Monday, the local newspapers in Cleveland can appropriately say goodbye to their star and hometown product, and those in Los Angeles can welcome their new free agent acquisition with the fanfare he deserves.

The front page of the Los Angeles Times had to mention LeBron, of course, but the front page of the sports section really did him justice.

The illustration shows LeBron decked out in his new Lakers uniform, as Lakers fans only dared to dream of until now. It shows admirable restraint that the headline wasn’t “YES HA HA HA WOOO LEBRON IS HERE!!!” even though that’s what nearly every Lakers fan was feeling.

Of course, there’s also the goodbye part of the equation. Cleveland has said goodbye to LeBron before, but this time it’s a little different. Instead of him leaving in his prime with no rings to speak of, he’s now leaving after bringing a championship back to Cleveland.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has chronicled LeBron’s career from its pages, and to see the progression over the years from the paper’s front page is strangely touching.

LeBron may be going to Los Angeles, but Cleveland is the only place that he can ever call home.

LeBron James’ move to Los Angeles was well-documented in print. (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images)

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