How to clean windows inside and out – 7 tips and tricks

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Want to get your windows sparkling clean and streak-free? If you've spent hours cleaning your windows inside and out, only to be disappointed to see glaring streaks or grime once they've dried, these window cleaning tips are for you.

It may be that a natural cleaning recipe could be the key to streak-free shine or even the weather could be to blame, but with this expert advice and recommendations, your windows will be spotless in no time.

How to clean windows without streaks

window vac cleaning
window vac cleaning

A window vac can be effective in cleaning windows without streaks

Nicola Lewis, aka This Girl Can Organise, says cleaning windows, mirrors and shower screens needn't be an arduous task and shared her top tips for getting them streak-free along with her othertime-saving cleaning hacks.

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The organising expert says investing in a Kärcher window vac is a really smart move to save time and get perfect results fast. "They effortlessly suck up moisture leaving surfaces sparkling clean and streak free in a matter of minutes," she says. "To prep, you can also get a premium spray bottle kit that has a microfibre cloth attached for simultaneous spraying and wiping."

How to clean windows with vinegar

You can banish streaks and fingerprints in seconds with a homemade glass cleaner using vinegar. Simply mix white vinegar with distilled water and a drop of essential oil then shake, before spraying over glass and wiping away.

window cleaning squeegee
window cleaning squeegee

White vinegar can be used to create a homemade glass cleaner

Clean your mirrors and windows on a cloudy day

While a sunny day might seem like the ideal time to clean your windows, the direct warm sun may actually dry out the cleaning products that you're using faster than you can wipe them away, leaving even harder to remove streaks and smudges.

Instead, wait for a cool cloudy day to clean your windows, and you will likely have much better results.

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Try a mop for hard-to-reach Velux windows

clean velux windows
clean velux windows

A mop could help to clean Velux windows

Struggling to keep your Velux windows clean? A mop could be just the tool you need, according to the Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie, who shared her top Amazon cleaning buyswith HELLO!, including a microfiber cleaning mop.

"This may be a specific car cleaning brush, but it is really versatile and can manage so much more. I use this for cleaning the outside of the shed, garage door, doors and windows, garden furniture and decking. I also use it inside on my glass staircase, tall mirrors and Velux windows," Lynsey said.

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How to clean windows with newspaper

Did you know newspaper is great for cleaning windows if you don't have a cloth at hand? Simply spray the glass with your chosen window cleaner, then rub newspaper in a circular motion to loosen any dirt. Follow this by wiping horizontally and vertically to ensure there are no streaks and the newspaper has absorbed all of the cleaning product.

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Why do my windows look smeared after cleaning?

One of the main reasons windows can look smeared after cleaning is due to the rate at which the water evaporates, hence why it's best not to clean them on a sunny day. Your windows may also become streaky if you don't remove the water or product you are cleaning with, so take your time over the job if you want to avoid having to redo it again later.

Using water that is too bubbly could also leave filmy streaks on your windows, so be careful to rinse them off thoroughly, or use one of the other cleaning methods, such as white vinegar for a streak-free shine.

How often should you clean your windows?

Advice varies on how often you should clean the outside of your windows, with some experts claiming it is sufficient to have your windows cleaned twice a year, plus on an as-needed basis, while others recommend cleaning them monthly. However, this also depends on where you live, as homes based on a busy road close to traffic are likely to need cleaning much more often than those in more rural areas.

Not only does cleaning your windows help the glazing and remove unsightly dirt and grime, but it can also help to maintain the frames and seals, preventing stains and cracks that can cause lasting damage.

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