After a clam doner? Seal rescued from outside Norfolk kebab shop

Dan Goldsmith/Marine and Wildlife Rescue/Cover Images

A baby seal was found stranded while apparently looking for a late-night snack or shelter outside a kebab shop in Hemsby in Norfolk on Friday night.

The hungry pup was rescued from outside the Istanbul Delight restaurant by staff from local wildlife organisation, Marine and Wildlife Rescue.

Dan Goldsmith, who led the rescue, said: "Just before 23.00 on Friday 20th Jan, we received a call from Norfolk Police and messages from a couple of members of the public. The seal was seen near a Takeaway outlet on St Thomas's Rd.

"Myself and a colleague arrived separately with equipment around 23.30. After searching the area for some time, we eventually found the seal shuffling along on a path outside an amusement arcade called the Mirage on Beach Rd."

Happily, unlike some, the grey seal pup had no ill-effects from its late-night kebab trip.

"The grey seal pup was in good health and so we picked it up carefully in a seal stretcher and returned it to the beach, it was a few hundred metres walk away," Dan added. "The pup must have just been looking for some shelter, but got disorientated and kept heading inland."