Cities: Skylines 2 has 8 packs of regional buildings on the way, for free

 Cities Skylines 2 region pack preview.
Cities Skylines 2 region pack preview.

Cities: Skylines 2 has announced that eight new regional building themes will come to the city builder via the Paradox Mods distribution platform. Created by a variety of well-known modders from the Cities Skylines modeling scene, the new packs will be Japan, UK, East-coast USA, West-coast USA, China, France, East Europe, and Germany

Spread across these thematic regions will be over 2500 new assets. These will join the two already in-game, the more generic European and American themes.

"We've teamed up with some of your favourite creators, including Titan, bsquiklehousen, Darf, RichardShi, MacWelshman, Badi_Dea, Feindbold, Gurny, and many more, to bring you 8 Free Region Packs, coming soon to Paradox Mods!," said the announcement. Accompanying the announcement was a teaser trailer about the packs showing off the creators and some works-in-progress.

It's definitely exciting news for people interested in adding some flavor to their cities. Themes are broadly compatible with each other, and you can currently use the two themes in-game district-by-district to create sections of your city that are themed in one way or another.

Our Christopher Livingston said in the PC gamer Cities: Skylines 2 review that the release was an impressive game. "Colossal Order's new urban city builder is huge and impressive, a complex machine with tons of moving parts that improves on many of the systems and features of the original game," he said. Unfortunately, it's also let down by its scope, and technical problems are holding the game back from its full potential.

The development studio even took the drastic step of warning players before release about optimization and performance issues with the release build of Skylines 2. Colossal Order has however been very clear that the issues in-game as of now are solvable ones—they'll just take some time to fix.

"Firstly, we want to assure you that the issues are not deeply rooted in the game’s foundation, so we fully expect to be able to improve performance going forward," the studio said. "The issues we are currently facing are tied to the rendering of the game, and decreasing the quality of visual effects such as Depth of Field, Global Illumination, and Volumetrics will get you a fair performance without affecting simulation - at the cost of some eye candy."

You can see the full region packs announcement on Steam, and on YouTube.