‘The Circus’ Ending After Eight Seasons on Showtime

Showtime is pulling down its Circus tent.

The Nov. 12 episode of The Circus, the political docu-series fronted by John Heilemann, Mark McKinnon and Jennifer Palmieri, will be the show’s last. Launched in 2016 to follow that year’s presidential campaign, The Circus ran for eight seasons and 130 episodes as it chronicled the ins and outs of the Trump administration, the 2020 presidential campaign and election and the current Biden administration.

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The series earned four Emmy nominations over its run and earned mostly positive reviews from critics.

“When we started The Circus in 2016, we thought it would be a one-and-done deal,” Heilemann told Politico, which first reported the show’s end. “Eight seasons and 130 episodes later, we’re still agog that Showtime gave us the trust and support that kept us cranking on this long, strange trip — and let us prove that our idea of doing a weekly, behind-the-scenes, real-time doc series on American politics wasn’t as unhinged as it seemed. Our belief in the importance of the story we’ve been covering and our eagerness to keep covering it, Circus-style, hasn’t changed.”

Recent episodes have covered the ouster of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the role artificial intelligence could play in elections and the state of the presidential race a year before the 2024 vote.

Left/Right produces The Circus. Heilemann, McKinnon, Palmieri, Left/Right co-founders Banks Tarver and Ken Druckerman, Tom Johnson and Divya Chungi executive produce.

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