A Cineworld VIP Experience Exists And It Has Unlimited Snacks

cineworld vip experience
Cineworld's VIP Experience Has Unlimited SnacksCineworld

If there’s one thing that really takes your trip to the cinema to the next level, it’s the snacks. Salty-sweet popcorn, nachos drizzled in the cheesiest sauce, and something cold and fizzy to wash it all down.

Now, what if you could have unlimited access to all your cinema faves? Well, with Cineworld’s VIP experience you can. Yep, that’s right UNLIMITED snacks.

Cineworld’s VIP experience has been around for a while, but it recently got some serious attention on TikTok, with videos documenting the experience’s mega buffet making the rounds.

A Cineworld VIP ticket will set you back £35 per person and you’ll have access to a private VIP lounge where you can make the most of the snack situation. There’s unlimited access to soft drinks too, as well as a private bar where you can purchase a cheeky glass or bubbles or a cold beer for your film.

The private lounges open 45 minutes before the film screening starts, giving you plenty of time to explore the buffet. Now, this is where the magic really starts.

We’re talking gooey pizza slices, hot dogs with condiments of your choosing and all the cinema classics. One TikToker even caught footage of full meals like curry and rice, pasta, noodles and duck spring rolls.

If you’re in need of a little something sweet, there’s a soft serve ice cream machine with all the toppings you could want. Chocolate sauce? Check. Fudge pieces? Check. Even Mini Eggs? Check.

For mid-morning cinema goers there’s a full range of coffees from cappuccinos to hot chocs, as well as flaky pastries like croissants, chocolate eclairs and fudgy brownies. Really, there’s not a craving they haven’t catered for.

When it’s time to watch the film, you can take as much of the food and drink with you as you like. Then it’s time to settle into ‘lazy boy’ style reclining leather chairs and enjoy the film, if you’ve not forgotten that’s the reason why you’re there…

The Cineworld VIP experience is available at Cheltenham, Glasgow (Renfrew Street), London (The O2 Greenwich), Sheffield and York Cineworld branches.