Cindy Crawford: 'Two good jacuzzi soaks a day are better than therapy'

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Cindy Crawford has added two daily jacuzzi sessions to her health and beauty regime, insisting they are cheaper than therapy - but just as worthwhile.

The ageless supermodel has offered up tips to help other 50-somethings stay in great shape physically and mentally to WSJ. Magazine and she insists a good hot soak is priceless.

"Our jacuzzi is outdoors, and I'm very blessed to live on the ocean," she says. "I usually take two a day - the one at 6.30 in the morning is my gratitude soak, because I'm by myself and the birds are chirping. For the later one, before dinner, my husband (Rande Gerber) will come in with me, so it’s our time to catch up and just enjoy the sunset.

"I’m a Pisces, and warm water is definitely my thing. It’s so restorative. And with a jacuzzi, I think, if you amortize it, it saves money because it’s therapy.”

Cindy has also started fasting, adding, "When I’m home... I try not to eat after eight and then I don’t eat until 10 the next morning."

She has also cut back on boozing: "At the very beginning of COVID, when everyone thought it was going to only be three weeks, it was like, 'Yeah, let's have lots of drinks', but when we realised it was going to be a year, I’ve definitely been drinking less being at home," she tells the publication. "If I’m going to drink, I’ll have one before dinner and that’s it."

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