Cindy Crawford shares the ultimate throwbacks from MTV's 'House of Style'

Carly Milne
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment & Lifestyle
Cindy Crawford is throwing it back. (Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

In times of trouble, it can help to remember the good old days, when things didn’t seem so … insane. Luckily for us, model Cindy Crawford has been taking us back to simpler times all summer long, sharing moments from her famously awesome ’90s MTV show, House of Style, on her Instagram feed.

On Mondays, Crawford has been posting memorable snapshots from her time hosting the show under the hashtag #MTVMondays. When Women’s Wear Daily pressed Crawford for her inspiration behind posting the memories, she said, “So much of what is Cindy Crawford is stuff from the past, and I think fans like seeing that. When House of Style first aired, it aired and then it was gone. For a lot of people, it’s totally new, and for a lot of people, it’s super-nostalgic.”

Let’s take a trip down memory lane by going through the photos she’s shared, shall we?

Her most recent post features a clip from that time when she bought pizza with Chris Rock, during which Rock explains, “If you were my girl, I would make sure you’d have at least two pizzas per day.” Rock went on to order five pizzas, because he couldn’t figure out what he wanted.

In another post, she reminded us of a delightful and super-hard-hitting question she once asked on the show: “If you could be a piece of fruit, what would it be?” Crawford deadpans in that clip that she’s not afraid to ask tough questions, and then she fields answers from such ’90s luminaries as models Veronica Webb, Helena Christensen — who said she would be something that would be eaten very slowly — and Eva Herzigova.

She took us behind the scenes of a Pepsi commercial where she played the part of a “schlumpy actress” transformed by — what else? — a can of Pepsi. Kudos to the senior citizens who had to pretend that they didn’t know who she was, because really, was there anyone in the ’90s who didn’t know who Cindy Crawford was?

Not that we want to laugh at the model’s pain, but this clip of her freaking out about a swarm of stingrays swimming around her legs is both awesome and adorable.

“We’re standing in a swarm of about eight big stingrays and they have big stingers,” Crawford says in fear as she stands shaking and gripping her MTV mic. “They’re all over me!”

Of course, no House of Style retrospective would be complete without a peek at the world of modeling, so the clip on the art of bikini posing that Crawford shared is a must-see.

“It’s funny because girls who maybe don’t have the best bodies can make a swimming suit look good,” Crawford instructs. “Keep your hips narrow, so you maybe tilt sideways to the camera and you bring your shoulders around, so you have these square, broad shoulders and then a very small waist.”

Easy, right?

Another style subject you couldn’t escape in the ’90s (or any other time, really)? Brows. Crawford gained insight from famed makeup artist Kevin Aucoin about the importance of eyebrows in this vintage clip.

Fellow supermodel Christy Turlington makes an appearance too. “I think it’s important to change all the time,” Turlington says about brows. “I mean, even thin gets boring too, and it’s limiting.” Talk about #supermodelproblems.

MTV is currently resurrecting Total Request Live, so we have a request: How about resurrecting House of Style with Crawford and her model daughter, 15-year-old Kaia Gerber, as co-hosts? We’d definitely tune in each week to watch!

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