Cindy Crawford launches new haircare collection

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Cindy Crawford has launched a new haircare collection.

The 55-year-old model was inspired by her skincare brand, Meaningful Beauty, to create products that would cater specifically towards ageing hair, and the plant-based collection aims to restore hair thickness, hydration, strength and shine.

“We expect our skin is going to age…and your hair, you know it’s going to go grey, but no one really talks about your hair ageing,” Cindy told WWD, noting that her hair was becoming “brittle, dull, and thin”.

“I look at my daughter’s hair, and it’s so bouncy and shiny. It’s not frizzy. It doesn’t break... I always tease her, like ‘You have my old hair. Give it back," she laughed, talking about her 19-year-old fellow model Kaia Gerber.

The Meaningful Beauty haircare line features a $59 shampoo, $59 conditioner and $45 scalp treatment, all made with a plant-based alternative to keratin and a melon antioxidant complex.

There's also a $36 leave-in conditioning and heat protecting spray, as well as a $45 root touch-up, which is available in six different shades.

Cindy said she has an emotional attachment to her hair, and she wants more women to talk about the problems they face with their locks as they get older.

“We don’t talk about it. We might say we had a bad haircut, but I think it’s very vulnerable for women to talk about like, ‘Oh my god, my hair is thinning a little bit,'" she explained.

"Hair is like my security blanket. And I think for a lot of women, you can hide behind it if you’re having that kind of day. When I wear my hair back in a ponytail, in a weird way that’s my most vulnerable self. I’m showing my full face. I think women’s emotional attachment to hair and what it means, in a weird way it’s more emotional than skin," Cindy shared.

The collection will be available from 21 June.

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