Cincinnati Zoo's Beloved Hippo Fiona Celebrating 6th Birthday

Cincinnati’s beloved hippo Fiona turned six years old on 24 January 2023. Since her birth in 2017, the giant water-dwelling mammal has won over the city’s residents' hearts. She and her adorable younger brother Fritz are now huge attractions at the zoo - and have been slowly introduced to each other. Although uncertain January temperatures mean a full-public bash is out of the question, the Zoo and area businesses are marking the occasion with goodies and prizes. The Zoo is encouraged Fiona fans to give Fiona a $5 birthday gift - with everyone who gives a gift will receiving a digital Fiona kiss. Local firms are also celebrating Fiona’s birthday - with items on offer including a Fiona pottery collection, her own brand of coffee, and even her own special beer. One lucky person who gives Fiona a gift will even win the chance to meet the semiaquatic superstar and her fellow hippos? - including Fritz, Fiona, and mum Bibi. Funds raised by Fiona’s birthday gifts will go to providing food, toys, and fun enrichment for the Zoo‘s animals.