Cillian Murphy Auditioned For Batman In 'Batman Begins' With Val Kilmer's Batsuit

Tom Nicholson
Photo credit: Warner Bros

From Esquire

Cillian Murphy's riding on a fairly gigantic career wave at the moment, what with America having woken up to Peaky Blinders and his role in A Quiet Place 2 which is out on Friday.

Getting the gig as Dr Jonathan Crane, AKA Scarecrow, in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, was a pretty big bump for him too, but he might have had an even bigger bump had his audition gone differently. Murphy told Seth Myers that he had a brief try-out for the main gig in Nolan's films and even got sized up for a Batman suit using Val Kilmer's old kit from Batman Forever, even if he assumed he wasn't going to get it ahead of Christian Bale.

"I never for a moment thought I was [Batman] material," Murphy told Myers. "It was obvious that Christian Bale was gonna be Batman – at that time it was clear, and he's such a magnificent Batman and Bruce Wayne. But I did get – I think it was the Val Kilmer suit, to try it on, which they had to adjust slightly.

"But it's a weird thing – you put it on, you put the cowl on, and [your] voice drops a couple of octaves. You can't do the Batman voice without doing the [very deep voice] 'Batmaaan'."

There's got to be a deepfake in there hasn't there? Give that single 'Batmaaan' to a neural network and let's get cracking.

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