Ciara sets a new trend for pumpkin spiced latté hair and we’re so here for it

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After having my hair dyed red just a few weeks ago, I (with the confirmation of a colleague) donned myself the pumpkin spiced latté Queen – big of me, I know. However, it seems that singer and world-wide superstar Ciara is dimming my spotlight with her newly acquired neon orange locks. I guess I'll just step aside then...

If you've not been scouring the internet for the latest hair trends as of late, then let me be your informative. Basically, everyone is dying their hair red for the autumn season. And in reference to everyone, I mean myself (ofc), as well as celebrities and influencers including Tammy Hembrow, Tinx and Olivia Jade. TBH who can blame us – it's only appropriate with Halloween fast approaching. Or perhaps it was all down to Halle Bailey's influence in her upcoming role as Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

Regardless of the trend-setter, adding to our already growing roster of redheads is Ciara with her own version of the pumpkin spiced latté look. Posting an Instagram selfie for the debut, she not only shows off her new hair but a personalised grill that reads 'CiCi'.

Cool or what?!

CiCi followed up the post with a snap of herself and fellow musician, Summer Walker, who is also rocking a neon hair colour. In terms of the style, Ciara's locks have been parted to the side (10 points to Millennials) with a 00s-style swooping fringe that feathers down to the side of her face. And just like Summer's long tresses, she is sporting soft yet still bouncy layered curls.

I think one fan in the comments section speaks for us all when they wrote: "This color on you 🔥🔥". Pure fire.

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