These Churros And Chocolate Dipping Sauce From M&S Are Too Good

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Marks & Spencer is back at it again. The iconic British store is selling another showstopping dessert, and this time it’s churros.

But not just churroschurros with chocolate dipping sauce. So delicious!

We first heard about M&S’s churros with cinnamon sugar when @mandsreviews shared a video on TikTok of them and boy do they look tasty.

All you have to do to prepare them is pop them on a baking tray and into the oven they go to warm up. You then sprinkle the cinnamon sugar all over them and serve them with the chocolate dipping sauce.

You can pick up M&S’s 10-pack of churros for £4.

Let’s have a look at what else M&S has on offer for those of us with a sweet tooth, shall we?

To start with, the store has just announced that it is releasing a delicious-looking Golden Blond Chocolate bar, and we cannot wait to try it.

The new bar can be used for baking and decorating or simply enjoyed straight out of the wrapper.

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You can pick up a 100g bar of M&S’s Golden Blond Chocolate for just £1!

Plus, these mini loaf cakes, which come in three flavours, look swell too.

The sticky toffee sponge cake is topped with toffee buttercream and toffee swirls, while there are also two other delicious flavours available.

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Zesty lemon loaf cakes feature lemon buttercream and a lemon curd drizzle over the sponge while the rich chocolate loaf cake is topped with chocolate buttercream and chocolate curls.

The loaf cakes come individually portioned in packs of four, making them the perfect tasty treat to go and ideal for summer barbecues and picnicking.

Each pack of loaf cakes cost just £3 – that’s only 75p a cake!

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