Chucky creator knows where he wants to take the franchise next… to outer space?


After many sequels and spin-offs, it’s hard to imagine where the Chucky franchise could go next, but Child's Play creator Don Mancini certainly has an idea as he teases potential plans to launch the killer doll into outer space.

In an interview with ScreenRant, when asked about comments he previously made about a potential Chucky in Space venture, Mancini responded, “Everyone’s asking me that question! So, MY question is, ‘Do you want him to go to space? Do you personally want him to go?' If there’s enough of a demand for that, eventually - I don’t know how quickly - I have an idea for that.”

Chucky first hit screens in 1988 with the classic horror film Child’s Play, following a little boy and his doll which happens to be possessed by the soul of a brutal criminal. Two more Child’s Play movies followed along with four spin-off flicks and a TV show. But what makes Mancini think that the villainous toy could work in space? “He could probably go anywhere,” said the Chucky creator in a 2021 interview with ScreenRant, adding that the doll “operates successfully in all kinds of different tones and subgenres.”

The subgenre-shifting comment is right. The doll has transcended nicely onto modern television with the introduction of Chucky the TV show which welcomes back our beloved doll as well as franchise favorite Jennifer Tilly. The series, which has spanned three seasons so far, follows a trail of gruesome murders that take place after an old Chucky doll turns up at a yard sale. However, with the direction the show is taking, it is hard to see Chucky plummet into the cosmos during the series, which makes us believe a Chucky in Space movie is more likely.

Child's Play is available to stream on Prime Video, and the Chucky series is ready to watch on Now. For more check out our guide to upcoming horror movies heading your way in 2024 and beyond.