12 Magical Gifts For Harry Potter Fans

Whether you’re a kid or a grown up, you may still long for a Hogwarts acceptance letter. The Harry Potter dream can be hard to let go of and J.K. Rowling’s wizard books are the best-selling franchise of all time for good reason.

The good news for Potterheads is that Potter-themed products have multiplied faster than blast-ended skrewts —and we’ve curated a list of the most magical things you can summon to your door for your favourite muggle.

From Harry Potter bed linen to cosmetics, jewellery and boardgames, we’ve selected more magical presents than you could fit in a cupboard under the stairs. 

Altogether now, “Accio gifts!”

Harry Potter Ultimate Trivial Pursuit, Amazon, £29.95 (Photo: Huffington Post UK )

Harry Potter Ultimate Trivial Pursuit, Amazon, £29.95

With 1800 questions about the wizarding world, the Harry Potter Ultimate Trivial Pursuit game is the perfect gift for someone who thinks they know everything about Harry. Even Hermione would be hard-pressed to answer some of the questions. 

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Moleskine A5 Limited Edition Flying Car Harry Potter Notebook, John Lewis, £23

Know a Ravenclaw who needs a new notebook? Get them this limited edition Moleskin with Mr Weasley’s flying car on the front. Bonus points if you can find them a quick quotes quill to write with.

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Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bomb, Equinox Beauty, Etsy, £5

These white bath bombs explode in hot water to reveal the colour of your Hogwarts house. Select Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin – or, to leave it to fate (or the Sorting hat?), and let your relaxing bath surprise show you where you belong. 

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Warner Brothers Reversible Printed Harry Potter Dobby The Elf Poly Cotton Duvet Quilt Cover Set, Amazon, £22.55

If you know someone who has a soft spot for Dobby (who doesn’t?), they’ll love to snuggle up in this bed linen. It comes with a single duvet cover and pillow case. And it is a good reminder to be kind to the house elves in your life, too.

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Wizarding World 10 Film Collection, Amazon, £200 (Photo: Huffington Post UK )

Wizarding World 10 Film Collection, Amazon, £200

Get someone all the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, plus branded postcards, packaged up in your very own Hogwarts school trunk. 

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S’ip by S’well Harry Potter ‘The Boy Who Lived’ Vacuum Insulated Drinks Bottle, John Lewis, £25

This steel, insulated, leak-proof water bottle is perfect for thirsty Muggles. It keeps liquid hot for 12 hours and cold for an entire day. Magic!

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Harry Potter Sheet Masks x 3, Boots, £10 (Photo: Huffington Post UK )

Harry Potter Sheet Masks, Boots, £10

Fancy a bit of transfiguration? These sheet masks go on your face for about 15-20 minutes during which time you will resemble Hedwig, Luna Lovegood or Harry himself. Ideal for anyone who loves skincare wizardry.  

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“You’re A Wizard” Charm Necklace, Queen Bee Wishes, Etsy, £5

Who can forget Hagrid telling Harry he was a wizard? This silver lightning bolt charm comes on a silver chain and is fixed to a piece of card featuring the name of your chosen recipient. An ideal gift to send by owl or Muggle post.

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Scrabble Harry Potter Edition, John Lewis, £29.99

If you can spell You Know Who’s name correctly, this is Scrabble game for you. It comes with a glossary of wizarding terms you can use, as well as cards with points and challenges. 

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Harry Potter Inspired Shoes, Mr Spuds, Etsy, £39.99 (Photo: Huffington Post UK )

Harry Potter Inspired Shoes, Mr Spuds, Etsy, £39.99

These custom-made trainers come in child and adult sizes. Made from fabric with the infamous Marauders’ Map on it, they’re ideal for anyone who wants to manage some mischief. We think they’d look excellent on the Weasley twins.

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Harry Potter Letter Cream Coin and Zip Around Purse, Amazon, £22.99

This cream leather wallet is perfect for carrying wizard money. Make sure you bring it with you on your next trip to Gringotts. 

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Harry Potter Charm Bracelet, Magically Off Beat, Etsy, £8.99 (Photo: Huffington Post UK )

Harry Potter Charm Bracelet, Magically Off Beat, Etsy, £8.99

Got a make who’s good at Charms? This silver-plated bracelet features 12 Potter-related charms, including a golden snitch, a sorting hat and the Hogwarts Express. 

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Harry Potter Bookmarks, Handmade By Bizzie Bee, Etsy, £3

These bookmarks featuring Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore are perfect for bookworms who want to keep their favourite wizarding characters close as they explore other literary realms. 

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