Christmas Eve is the most popular time for festive sex

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Christmas Eve is the most popular time to get it on over the festive period. [Photo: Getty]

If you were hoping that you and your significant other might enjoy some “bonding time” over this festive season, it looks like tonight’s the night.

Christmas Eve is the most popular time for couples to have sex over the festive period. The majority of couples (six in 10) say they would like to jump in the sack on 24 December, according to a poll of 2,175 people for Lovehoney – Britain’s biggest sex toy retailer.

This is in comparison to 47% of respondents who said they would have sex on Christmas Day or Boxing Day – with just over four in 10 (41%) saying that overindulging would kill their passion.

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New Year’s Eve was the second hottest time for passion – with 58% of couples saying they would like to have sex to bring the new year in.

It would seem the twin joys of annual leave and free-flowing alcohol meant couples felt more liberated than ever to get it on compared to the rest of the year – with half of all couples surveyed saying that felt friskier than ever at Christmas.

This is reflected in the birth statistics: with 26 September the most popular birth date for UK babies, at 39 weeks and two days after Christmas (the same time period as a full-term pregnancy).

Staying at parents and in-laws proved something of a hindrance for some, with 44%of women and 50% of men saying this would prove a distraction. Despite this, a commendable two-thirds of respondents said they still get it on regardless.

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With most of us having sex on average less than once a week, according to a large scale study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) earlier this year, it would seem some festive nookie (in the spirit of Christmas!) will be well-received.

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