Christine Quinn admits motherhood has changed her outlook

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Christine Quinn has a new outlook on life credit:Bang Showbiz
Christine Quinn has a new outlook on life credit:Bang Showbiz

Christine Quinn thinks she's now more resilient than ever.

The blonde beauty has gave birth to her first child - a son called Christian - in May, and Christine admits that motherhood has changed her outlook on life.

Looking ahead to the fourth season of 'Selling Sunset', she told Closer magazine: "Fans will definitely see a different side to me this series as a mom. I don't let stuff get to me anymore and I don't get to a place of needing or wanting to explain myself.

"I grew out of that. I don't need to explain anything to people. I don't owe anyone that."

Christine also thinks she's grown closer to her husband, Christian, over recent months.

She said: "I always go to Christian with my interpersonal problems, he's a smart person who asks me 'Why do you care?' It's good and powerful to have that. It's made such a difference.

"Having him has bonded us more as a family. Relationships are all about finding common ground and now we have this amazing human being together."

Prior to giving birth, Christine admitted she was excited by the challenge of motherhood.

The TV star said: "We are so grateful to be expecting our first child. I'm so ready for what this next chapter holds and cannot wait to be a mom!"

Christine also discussed some of her pregnancy cravings, revealing she was obsessed with Pizza Hut and Dr. Pepper at one point in time.

Asked what she was craving during her pregnancy, Christine - who has been married to Christian since 2019 - shared: "Fresh fruit, pizza with ranch (but not just any pizza - it must be Pizza Hut pizza!) and tons of Dr. Pepper."

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