Christina Aguilera named as Ant and Dec's worst celebrity interviewee

Christina Aguilera has been named as the worst celebrity interviewee by British TV presenters Ant and Dec.

During an interview with HuffPost UK, the presenting duo were asked to name a celebrity who was reluctant to join in the fun on SM:TV Live, the Saturday morning show they fronted with Cat Deeley between 1998 and 2001.

They both named the Beautiful singer, with Ant claiming she refused to take her sunglasses off for her pre-recorded interview.

"She sat there in her shades, and wouldn't take them off. It was a pre-recorded interview, because she didn't want to do it live," he recalled. "Everything pointed towards it being a bad interview. And it turned out to be a bad interview."

Dec went on to note that while they have encountered "very few bad celebs" during their time as presenters, some guests have caused "a big old stink" with their riders, or a list of demands that must be met as a condition of their appearance on a show.

"I remember Jennifer Lopez coming down, and seeing that whole thing about having six dressing rooms and room temperature Evian - all the riders and stuff," Dec recounted. "She was really lovely, but yeah, it was a big old stink around the studio, 'she needs this, she needs that'. We had very few bad celebs, but we had a lot of entertaining riders and stuff."