Christie Brinkley's then-and-now swimsuit photos prove she hasn't aged a day

Christie Brinkley has wowed fans with an incredible side-by-side picture of herself in the 70s and today. The former model turned businesswoman shared two pictures, including a recent one for a new issue of Sports Illustrated.

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Praising the publication for their "all encompassing inclusiveness and support for every woman", she captained the post: "I worked with @siswim from the 1970’s till I’m ALMOST 70… and I appreciate and applaud their ever expanding embrace of women, showing the world that when a woman feels beautiful she IS BEAUTIFUL!"

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In the first picture she rocked a color-blocked swimsuit with a deep V neck as she sat on a rock with the ocean behind her; the new snap saw her wear a risque black mesh suit with peek-a-boo cutouts.

The 67-year-old has her long blonde hair loosely tousled in both snaps, and she shared the importance of women of all ages opening magazines and seeing themselves.

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"When a woman opens a magazine and sees someone like herself, that may be all she needs to build her self esteem and boost her confidence!" Christie added.

Pal Sharon Stone was one of the first to comment, writing: "We’re older not crumbly."

Christie wowed fans with the two pictures

"What an Icon you are, Christie," wrote one fan, who continued: "People that define others by a number are certified boring if you ask me."

"Women are still beautiful at 70," shared another. "Us middle aged ladies still want to wear clothing that makes us feel young and alive."

Christie, one of the world's OG supermodel, has opened up before about her balanced lifestyle that keeps her looking so youthful and healthy. From a good glass of wine to the occasional chunk of cheese, she believes all treats help her stay on track - but she often credits her lifestyle to her dogs.


Christie leads an active lifestyle

She owns several dogs and a cat, and previously told Forbes: "When you are a pet owner, you want to have them stick around as long as possible."

Walking the dogs though is just one form of cardio, and as it's natural that our joints and bones suffer as we get older, Christie believes that by moving as much as she can, she's keeping her body intact.

Don’t stop moving because you'll rust," she said to The Cut. "You have to grease the joints and keep moving. As long as I do that I feel great. If you start to hold still, they'll start acting up."

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