Chrissy Teigen's friends made an incredible gesture in honour of her son who passed away

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Photo credit: Jc Olivera - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jc Olivera - Getty Images

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Parents around the world, who have sadly lost a child, recently thanked Chrissy Teigen and her husband, John Legend, for speaking so candidly about the heartbreaking death of their baby boy, Jack. Chrissy very bravely posted a serious of intimate photos following his passing earlier this month and weeks later shared a searingly honest essay on loss, detailing how she and the family have been coping since the tragic news.

Within her post, Chrissy mentioned how grateful she was for all of the support from her loved ones during this incredibly difficult time. Now, she's shared a further update that close friend Kimmy Kyees, a nail artist who regularly works with Chrissy (as well as other big names such as Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Dua Lipa), has made an incredible gesture in honour of Jack – she and six others headed to a blood bank to donate in his memory.

Along with a video showing Kimmy and co. during the process, Chrissy wrote on Twitter, "I have the absolute best friends in the world. A small circle but if it were fifty times larger, I still wouldn’t feel the love I do every day. 7 bags donated for the 7 used for Jack. Love you so much, @kimmiekyees." As part of her pregnancy complications, Chrissy received two blood transfusions from doctors hoping to save her baby.

Writing about the experience on her own Instagram account, Kimmy said: "Yesterday I was blessed to have 6 friends show up to help me put together a gift for my dear friends @chrissyteigen @johnlegend and their beautiful family. The 7 of us donated blood in honour of baby Jack!! What a beautiful experience – I am so grateful for my amazing friends who helped me and donated! I learned a lot about the process but most importantly I was told the blood supplies are low due to the pandemic."

She added, "They have not been able to collect like they used to especially here in Los Angeles. I would like to challenge those of you who can.. to go out and donate where ever you live!! Encourage friends and family to come along... going together really made the whole experience so special and even fun."

This is such an amazing tribute to Jack – here's hoping Kimmy's kind gesture inspires others to follow suit too. If you'd like to donate blood over here in the UK, you can find more information about doing so here (donations are still being encouraged despite COVID 19 restrictions).

Our continued thoughts are with Chrissy, John and their family during this sad time.

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