Chrissy Teigen Has Two Presents She Gives To John Legend Every Year Without Fail

Ata Owaji Victor
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Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images
Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images


Chrissy Teigen can now add brilliant, and reliable, gift giver to her already impressive portfolio, according to husband John Legend.

In an episode of his video series, 'Legendary Christmas Tales', Legend revealed that his wife always gets him the same two presents every year. Legend, who shares daughter Luna, four, and son Miles, two, with the 34-year-old model, explained that 'Chrissy gives me really good gifts every year!'

After delivering this high praise, Legend went on to share that the entire family is 'a big robe family', so in true Chrissy Christmas spirit, she gifts him a new dressing gown each year alongside an annual refresh of his work bag.

Teigen is often seen in robes on Instagram and has a notable collection she frequently dips into, so this revelation is further confirmation that she knows her dressing gown from her house coat and, more importantly, is always down to share the wealth and expertise of her robe knowledge.

'We like to wear robes throughout the house, all the time.' explained Legend and added that '[Chrissy] gets me really good gifts that I can use all the time and feel good, and remember who gave them to me.'

The style of the work bag he receives from Teigen, he explains, is 'a bag that [he] can carry around for the rest of the year.'

And carry it around everywhere he does, so that he is 'reminded of Chrissy's great taste and generosity throughout the year'.


When Teigen isn't inspiring last minute additions to our Christmas gift list, the mother of two has been sharing adorable snaps from the lead up to Christmas festivities in the famous household.

Last week (13 December) the cookbook author shared a photo of the couples children in their cutest Christmas-inspired get-ups in the front yard of their Los Angeles home.

'I love these so much because the pics completely encompass their different personalities. Luna wanting to be perfect and Miles solely caring about cars while holding cars yelling about cars,' captioned the Cravings cookbook star on Instagram.

Christmas appears to be well under way at the Teigen-Legend household.

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