Chrissy Teigen's responds to those demanding an apology from Michelle Wolf: 'Are you f***ing kidding me?'

Heather Gardner
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Saturday’s annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner caused quite the stir in Washington, D.C., Hollywood, and of course the internet.

Comedian Michelle Wolf delivered a brutal opening monologue that singled out many members of the Trump administration. She kicked off the speech with a Stormy Daniel’s joke, referred to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders as an “Uncle Tom,” and point-blank called Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway a liar.

The monologue took in reviews from both sides of the political aisle; some said Wolf’s jokes were too harsh, while others praised the comedian for exposing the truth. President Trump did not attend the dinner but voiced his opinions on Twitter, calling the event an “embarrassment to everyone associated with it.”

And many demanded an apology from Wolf, saying she took her jabs too far. Several celebrities, however, thought asking for an “I’m sorry” was rich considering what Trump has done and said in the past — and they rehashed on Twitter what they deemed as hypocrisy.

Debra Messing pointed out that Trump once mocked a disabled journalist at a rally during the 2016 presidential election.

Chrissy Teigen lashed out at NBC news correspondent Andrea Mitchell, who stated Wolf “grossly insulted” many at the dinner.

Kumail Nanjiani reminded the internet that the Trump administration has insulted minority groups with no apology.

Kathy Griffin echoed these statements, explaining that the president should not be held to a different standard than everyone else.

Rob Reiner argued that while Wolf’s words were harsh, her monologue was intended as a joke, while Trump’s hurtful statements are often not.

While many agree with these celebrities’ sentiments, Trump is standing firm with his statement to do away with the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and is obviously not responding to the claims from Hollywood stars that there’s a double standard.

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