Chrissy Teigen responds to fans pointing out her ‘dirty bathwater’

Chrissy Teigen responds to fans pointing out her ‘dirty bathwater’ (Instagram/@chrissyteigen)
Chrissy Teigen responds to fans pointing out her ‘dirty bathwater’ (Instagram/@chrissyteigen)

Chrissy Teigen has defended herself from criticism about her bathwater.

The model’s husband, John Legend, recently took to Instagram to film a video of Teigen sitting in a bathtub filled with brown water. “What’s happening here?” he could be heard asking her in the clip.

“I’m getting all my body makeup off,” she replied as she was seen using a washcloth to scrub her leg.

“Sometimes you gotta exfoliate! @chrissyteigen’s favorite @loved01skin product,” he captioned the post, noting that the product his wife was using specifically came from his own skincare line, Loved01.

Despite Teigen clarifying that the debris in the water was her makeup, many people were quick to take to the comments section to point out how “dirty” they thought the water looked and how she should have showered instead to be more sanitary.

“Too much dirt for just one body , not showering enough I believe,” one negative comment read, while another agreed, writing: “Kind of disgusting bathing in dirty water. Chrissy should have showered instead.”

“She needs to let that dirty water drain before posting on social media,” a third comment read.

However, Teigen ended up leaving a comment of her own, clarifying that there wasn’t dirt sitting in her bathtub. “The water is dirty because I’m getting my body makeup off, like I said in the video my sweet angels!” she wrote.

Other commenters had a problem with how exposed she was. “There used to be a day where a man would rather die a gruesome and slow death than post his wife half naked on the Internet.

But aye! Your marriage,” one comment read.

“I don’t care if the water is dirty for body’s makeup, it’s weird to post a video of your wife in the bath tub,” another commenter agreed.

To further prove her point, she re-posted the same video the “All of Me” singer used with a lengthy caption to address all of the negative comments.

“Currently getting roasted online for being dirty because no one listened the the audio where I say I’m soaking off body makeup (to shower after!)” her caption began.

“Full blown fights in John’s comments. My favorite is ‘baths are not for bathing’. I love a good old fashioned roasting though, u guys are killing it (it being never touching grass ever). Using my favorite @loved01skin exfoliator.”

Legend also expressed his enjoyment over the comments on his post as he commented: “Baths are not for bathing is some amazing internet-ness.”

Other commenters on the post explained how much they appreciated Teigen fully embracing the hateful comments and not caring about them.

“Just love your sense of humor, in any case even if you were dirty nothing to do with anyone. Some people just love hurting people, sad indeed. But you are one amazing and strong woman,” one comment read.

“Even if you were dirty, you were getting clean... win win situation, let the comments fall off like the dead layer of skin being removed with the exfoliating product lol,” another commenter joked.

“The fact people can’t listen for 10 seconds yet can write a big opinion blows my mind. The shade room did you dirty by posting too. Brought it so much attention,” a third commenter pointed out.