Chrissy Teigen reminds women not to skip their smear test during coronavirus pandemic

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    Thank God! I hadn't from Chrissy in two days now and was beginning to worry!
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    Getting a smear test over the phone is hard to do, if not painful. My doctor shut down most office visits.
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    Expert on politics, economics, and even gynecology! Wow! What a hero to mankind!
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    Thank you Chrissy for your words of wisdom. You are a Goddess. What ever would become of humanity if you weren't here to lead the way. LOL
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    Teufel Hunden
    Thank you Crissy. While I vote strictly according to your wishes, I will wait on the smear until the Jim Carey painting comes out.
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    Glad I don't have to wake up every morning and have to look at that face, can't imagine what it looks like without makeup
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    Super model?
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    Scott M
    She just wanted to take a picture of her self with no clothing and gown. Who are people kidding. I'm all for the message but I laugh when you include a picture of yourself in a "look at me I'm naked" pose with it.
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    My wife laughed when I showed her this article
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    She's hard to look at.