Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Have Received “Thousands of Letters” After Their Pregnancy Loss

Olivia Harvey
·2-min read

Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff, Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend appeared on Good Morning America yesterday, November 24th, and gave their first interview since losing their son Jack in late September. Teigen shared that going public about the loss and sharing photos from that intimate moment has resulted in parents sending her "thousands of letters" offering support and sharing their own experiences with pregnancy loss.

"Obviously it’s so painful to go through something like this as a woman—something that was inside your body, you’re nurturing and taking care of," she told Good Morning America's Michael Strahan. "But obviously there’s a father involved and the support for the both of us has just been so beautiful, so incredible."

The grief is still fresh for the both of them, though they are seemingly getting back to life as normal. "I definitely give myself permission to have complete and utter grief," Teigen continued.

"Every day is so different. So when people ask me how I'm doing I always say I'm okay—today."

The overwhelming support from fans has canceled out any negative feedback the pair received by sharing photos from the pregnancy loss. Though Legend admits he had apprehensions about taking the photos at first, "thing about having a miscarriage is you don’t walk away with anything," he told Strahan. "You have this emptiness and we wanted to take the photos to have something to remember it by."

"I don’t care if you were offended or disgusted," Teigen said of the photos. "I understand it can be that way for people. It was designed for people that were hurting," and Legend added that the pictures are a way for them to keep Jack's memory alive.

The challenges Teigen, Legend, and their two children Miles and Luna, have faced this year have only made the family stronger, Legend said. "The challenges we face together have made us feel even more sure about who we are together as a couple, and who we are as a family," he said.

Teigen and Legend have teamed up with Ronald McDonald House Charities to aid families with critically ill and injured children during the holiday season. Having gone through hard times, they know how important it is to reach out, offer support, and tell those going through dark times that they are definitely not alone.