Chrissy Teigen had a crazy allergic reaction to an orange

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Photo credit: Chrissy Teigen - Instagram
Photo credit: Chrissy Teigen - Instagram

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Always one to use her social media accounts for good (and to lighten the mood), Chrissy Teigen shared a worrying (but also very funny) photograph of her lips, after they doubled in size following an allergic reaction. Thankfully, seeing as Chrissy now appears to have returned to normal, seemingly unharmed in any way, I think we can laugh about this one – as she'd no doubt want us to.

Alongside her two uber-lips selfies, Chrissy wrote a hilarious caption explaining what had happened... and shared that a humble orange was the cause of all her unexpected swelling. She also joked that she looked like a "juicy blow up doll" straight out of the box. LOL.

"LMAO lookin great!! Not [a] filler fail - I’d tell you! I don’t give a shit! It happened after I bit the skin of a suspicious orange. Maybe pesticides on the outside? I look like a juicy blow up doll, freshly unpacked," she told her 34 million followers.

In response to the pictures, thousands of people chimed in to offer advice on how she could remedy the situation, or to tell their own similar tales of fruit-related woe (actually, I have one of my own too – flashback to Valentine's Day ten years ago when I discovered an apple allergy during a 'sexy fondue' moment 🙃 Pollen Food Syndrome is real, guys).

Dr Sandra Lee, who you may better know as Doctor Pimple Popper, advised Chrissy to take antihistamines and to, of course, avoid that particular fruit in future. "Allergy of course. Take antihistamine and of course no more eating the suspicious fruit! ❤️ "

Fellow cook Sunny Anderson remarked that Chrissy may have inadvertently started a new Hollywood trend for eating oranges, in place of paying for lip fillers. "All of Hollywood gon' be lookin for that orange species🤣😂😂. Take care of yourself ❤️❤️". Another Chrissy fan weighed in with similar thoughts, writing, "Who needs lip fillers when you have this orange?!"

In all seriousness though, we're very glad to see that Chrissy's swelling has now gone down and she's back to her usual self.

While Chrissy references dodgy pesticides as the cause of her reaction, as for general fruit allergies, Oral Allergy Syndrome (also known as Pollen Food Syndrome) can also cause swelling of the lips, redness, tingling, itching and scratchiness of the lips, tongue and throat. It's a condition often associated with hay fever and sees sufferers to a certain protein structure, similar to pollen, found in raw or unwashed fruits, such as cherries, apples, strawberries, kiwis etc. Oranges don't tend to appear on the list.

The more you know, hey?

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