Chris Paul admits he was caught off-guard by trade from Houston

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul has been involved in some wild moments throughout his NBA career. There was the banana boat, the failed trade to the Los Angeles Lakers and the fight with Rajon Rondo.

Of all those moments, though, it was the trade to the Thunder that caught Paul off-guard. Paul revealed that information while appearing on Kevin Hart’s show “Cold as Balls.”

The relevant portion of the conversation takes place around the 2:55 mark.

Hart asks Paul about being involved in trades. Paul responds by saying that’s part of the business side of the game. Hart then asks if there’s been any moment Paul has found “eye-opening.” That’s when Paul mentions the trade from the Houston Rockets.

“Absolutely. This last situation was one of them. You know, the GM in Houston, he don’t owe me nothing. He may tell me one thing, but do another thing, but you just understand that’s what it is.”

The entire video hits on some interesting aspects of Paul’s career. Hart and Paul discuss former Los Angeles Clippers owner Don Sterling. Paul was a member of the Clippers when Sterling was banned for life by the NBA after he was caught using racist language in an audio recording.

It’s early, but Paul has adjusted well to life in Oklahoma City. The 34-year-old Paul is averaging 15.3 points and 5.5 assists in 11 games.

The team, however, has struggled, going just 4-7 to open the season. If that keeps up, it might not be long before Paul is involved in yet another shocking trade.

If it happens, Paul probably won’t be caught off guard by the news this time around.


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