Chris Moyles opens up about Radio 1 firing

Talking to Matt Hancock on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, former Radio 1 breakfast show host Chris Moyles discussed his short notice firing by the BBC.

Credit: I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Via Youtube

Video transcript

- I went in with my agent and the controller. And we sit down. And he goes, look, this isn't very easy. I think it's time we wrap the show up. We're going to announce in the news at half 10 that Nick Grimshaw has taken over.

- No! That's 20 minutes ago.

- And my agent went, that's out of order. And it all got a bit steamy. And I'm like, right, both of you calm down. Stop. I said to the boss, I went, you can't do that.

- Yeah.

- And he goes, well, if we don't do that, I'll get out. I says, well, up until 60 seconds ago, I didn't know about it.

- Right.

- So after 15 years, you can't do that.

- Yeah.

- I have to announce that I'm coming off the breakfast show. And we need to work out what's happening. This is not a two minute conversation. And that's naughty. So I said, look, trust me, I've been here a long time. Let me make the announcement, and then I'd love to get involved with how we then announce who's going to take over. And they announced it at 10:30 the next morning. We finished at 10:00. They announced that at 10:30 that Nick was taking over. And I was just like, OK, all right. But they gave us three months to say goodbye, which was great.

- Right.