Chris Hughes could do I'm A Celebrity to combat fears

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Chris Hughes credit:Bang Showbiz
Chris Hughes credit:Bang Showbiz

Chris Hughes thinks taking part in ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ would cure his phobia of snakes and spiders.

The former ‘Love Island’ star is terrified of the creatures and thinks the only way to conquer his fear is to come face-to-face with them so believes going on the show – which will again take place in Gwrych Castle in Wales because of the coronavirus pandemic – when it returns to Australia would be the ideal therapy.

Asked his biggest fear, he said: “Oh, snakes and spiders, literally, snakes and spiders – the worst phobia for me that could ever exist.

“I think the only therapy to combat snakes and spiders is literally to be isolated with them. That’s why I think if I ever did something like [‘I’m A Celebrity…’], I could potentially conquer my fear, by literally throwing me in right at the deep end, but I’d be worried for my own health, it would be awful.”

But the hunky star is also “easily spooked” so even his fellow contestants would leave him terrified if he did take part.

He admitted to BANG Showbiz: “Oh easily spooked yeah, people make me jump, like, absolutely terrifying, so if people hide behind a door, or they’re in a dark room…

“I remember not long ago, my girlfriend was in my house, but she was in my living room, which is upstairs, so I was on the bottom floor, it was pitch black in there, all the lights were off, and I walk up the stairs and I start shouting, like, I want them to make a noise, do you know what I mean?”

Chris has been appointed Chief Scare Officer for M&Ms, who are encouraging the nation to scare responsibly this Halloween, and he is taking his role very seriously because he knows what it is like to be easily scared.

He said: “So my role, obviously, as you know I hate being scared, so I reason for the people who also hate being scared.

“I’ll be walking out with my hi-vis jacket on, I’ll be issuing tickets to people that aren’t scaring responsibly, and I just want to make sure the streets are safe, like people are going to go overboard this year.

“We’re working with a guy called Doctor Ravi, he’s our science expert, and the reasons animals live longer is they have a lower heartrate, so you got to look after people and just kind of be subtle. Swap scares for cares.”

To view some advice on the dos and don’ts of scaring, check out Chris and M&Ms’ Scare Responsibly video at

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