Chris Hemsworth Shared a 1000-Rep Bodyweight Workout

Chris Hemsworth Shared a 1000-Rep Bodyweight Workout

If you follow Chris Hemsworth on social media, you'll know that the Thor star has been working out non-stop on the deck of a ship for the last month. Or at least, so it would appear. The Aussie actor, who is also the founder of the health and fitness app Centr, filmed a bunch of different workouts devised by himself and his team while out at sea, and he dropped the latest one earlier this week.

Hemsworth shared the workout challenge on his Instagram, writing: "If the sea sickness doesn't get me. This bad boy certainly will."

This new challenge consists entirely of bodyweight exercises, much like a couple of the other routines that Hemsworth has shared on social. But unlike those, which were programmed to be low-impact and accessible for any level of fitness, this one is a high-volume slog. There are 5 exercises, and you have to hit 200 reps on each move. That's a total of 1,000 reps.

"We call this the 200 Club," said Hemsworth.

The 200 Club workout is as follows:

200 x Mountain Climbers
200 x Squats
200 x Press-ups
200 x Flutter Kicks
200 x Sit Throughs

1,000 reps might sound like a heck of a lot, but the key here is that they are all bodyweight, we're not loading them up with additional resistance. What's important is ensuring that you're maintaining a high quality of technique on each rep: so maybe consider breaking each exercise down into more manageable sets.

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