Chris Hemsworth Just Shared a Look at His Gruelling ‘Thor 4’ Training

Philip Ellis
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From Men's Health

It's been nearly two years since we last saw Chris Hemsworth in the MCU, but the actor is well and truly back in Asgardian training. After confirming last month that shooting was underway on the superhero sequel Thor: Love and Thunder, the actor has shared a sneak peek at the workout he's been using to get into godlike shape to once again play Thor.

While Hemsworth's previous gym posts have involved showing off his jacked arms with tire flips and his speedwork in boxing, this latest video shows him completing a physically grueling circuit of sled pushes and pulls.

The roped sled pull is a simple but highly effective exercise used to burn fat and boost metabolism while simultaneously developing strength and muscle, favoured by the likes of NFL linebacker James Harrison and actor Mark Wahlberg. But while it is customary to load the sled with weights, Hemsworth has been doing things a little differently: in the video, he hauls his trainer Luke Zocchi back and forth on the sled across the gym.

The clip only lasts a matter of seconds, but it is clear the workout is a grueling one; Hemsworth is so exhausted by the end that he collapses, prompting a friend to comment that he looks very close to throwing up.

Chris isn't the only Hemsworth who's discovered the benefits of sled training; his brother Liam began to incorporate them into his own personal fitness routine after they helped him burn fat and build muscle while preparing for his action-heavy role in Most Dangerous Game.

To perform a basic sled push, face the sled and grab its handles, then lean forward slightly. It's important to maintain tension in your back muscles, and try to keep your spine in a neutral position, rather than rounding or overarching your back.

"If you want to try yourself, start with a smaller weight than your 160-something-pound trainer on the sled," says Men's Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel C.S.C.S. "Also, when you push the sled, don't fully extend your arms like Hemsworth does here. Keep your elbows bent with your arms close to your body, so you can keep yourself in a spine-safe position while you learn the proper posture. Once you've established that you can do the push safely, you can extend your arms like Hemsworth to begin reaping the benefits for your shoulders and core, too."

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