Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor in Paradise' week 3

Chris Harrison
TV Host

Well, Bachelor Nation, it’s only been a week and it seems as if pretty much everything in Paradise has changed! We’ve had some pretty wild arrivals in Jonathan and Christen, who I will not be calling The Tickle Monster, and Scallop Fingers, and we’ve seen the departure of Matt, who I will not refer to as The Penguin, so I hope you all remember their real names.

Before we get into all the people with hilarious nicknames, let’s talk about what has become perhaps the longest lasting and most controversial love triangle in Paradise history: Dean, Kristina, and Danielle L (who I will not call D-Lo). Dean seems to have put himself into a difficult situation and at this point, while I think he thinks he’s been clear with the women, it’s pretty clear to the rest of us that they are all not on the same page. As we all know, communication is the most important part of any relationship, and the communication breakdown between Dean and Kristina and Dean and Danielle is a recipe for disaster. As you saw in the preview for the coming weeks, things are going to get worse before they get better. I feel bad for everyone involved in this triangle because while I don’t think anyone is intentionally trying to be hurtful, there is no question that people will not leave Paradise unscathed.

Speaking of unscathed, it’s a miracle that both Matt and Christen have somehow escaped the inevitability of being given the “chokey” by Jasmine. Once again, as we saw in Paradise and again on our stage, the communication gap between Matt and Jasmine was enormous. They were so clearly not on the same page it’s hard to imagine they were even speaking the same language. I must admit I feel a little bad for Christen. As a late arrival, there is pretty much no way you’re going to ask somebody out without hurting someone’s feelings, but you have to go with your gut. Matt gave her the go ahead and she went with it. I understand Jasmine being upset, but I think her anger would have been better directed at Matt and not at Christen. With Matt gone, Christen and Jasmine will have the pleasure of being around each other for at least one more week, and I have a feeling things will not remain cool and calm throughout.

Now, Raven and Adam seem to be becoming “a thing,” Dean is still caught in the middle of a whirlwind, Jasmine has been saved, Jack Stone is feeling things out with Christen, and Derek and Taylor have weathered their first, but maybe not their last, storm. Paradise is tricky to say the least.

It would be crazy of me to talk about all of this without also thanking Corinne for coming down to the studio and talking about all she has been through since the show started airing. Obviously there is no reason to rehash any of this here, but I think we are all very glad to have all of this behind us, and hopefully we have all learned some things and can strive to not have any incidents like this in the future. I am thankful to everyone involved, but mostly to you, the fans, for making this one of the best and most watched seasons of Paradise ever!

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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