Chris Hardwick Gives Golden Buzzer to 9-Year-Old Singer on ‘America‘s Got Talent’

On America’s Got Talent, guest judge Chris Hardwick was blown away by 9-year-old Angelica Hale and her cover of Alicia Keys’s “Girl on Fire.”

A difficult past

Hale said that singing has gotten her through some tough times throughout her young life. She suffered from pneumonia when she was 4 years old, resulting in needing a kidney transplant. Fortunately, her mom was a donor match. Hale said, “She gave me her kidney, and it was a successful surgery. And now there’s a pretty rainbow of bunnies and flowers everywhere. And unicorns.”

Beyond her years

Perhaps that experience helped Hale sing well beyond her years. Hardwick said, “You know, you’ve got these, like, sneakers on, and you look like this adorable little child. And then you open your mouth, and it’s like, how did those pipes fit in that tiny body?”

Golden touch

Since Hardwick had been given the power of the Golden Buzzer, he couldn’t help but send Angelica and her powerful pipes straight to the live shows.

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