Chris Evans' Villain Era Is Set To Continue In Upcoming Movie With Aubrey Plaza, And I’m Hyped

 Chris Evans looking evil in Knives Out.
Chris Evans looking evil in Knives Out.

As this summer marks five years since we said goodbye to Chris Evans’ Marvel stint in Avengers: Endgame, it’s surely been a fun journey to see where the actor has taken his career next. After playing Captain America for nearly a decade, a hero who was oftentimes way too wholesome for modern times, the actor has gravitated towards a ton of villain roles as of late, and will continue that trend with his next movie, Honey Don’t!

Chris Evans has reportedly just signed up to star in Ethan Coen’s latest comedy alongside Aubrey Plaza, whom he worked with before in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Margaret Qualley, who just worked with Coen on Drive-Away Dolls. Let’s get into how the project will continue his villain era.

The Upcoming Movie Chris Evans Just Signed Up For

As IndieWire reported on Wednesday, a movie called Honey Don’t! Is currently in the works from Ethan Coen (yes, of the Coen brothers) alongside his wife Tricia Cooke. The pair just worked together to write the roadtrip comedy Drive-Away Dolls, which is hitting theaters on February 23. They are already re-teaming for this Chris Evans film, which is described as a dark comedy and will see the actor apparently playing a cult leader. Qualley’s character will be a private eye, whereas Plaza’s role is described as a “mystery woman.”

Honey Don’t! will be Ethan Coen’s second solo feature after Drive-Away Dolls’ release among the 2024 movies. His brother went solo first with 2021’s The Tragedy of Macbeth starring Denzel Washington. While the filmmaking brothers are on their own paths lately after making iconic films together like Fargo and The Big Lebowski, they haven’t discounted the possibility of reuniting for a future film.

Chris Evans Has Been Playing A String Of Villains Lately

Since Chris Evans hung up his shield in the MCU in 2019, he’s been in somewhat of a villain era. It started with 2019’s Knives Out when he played Hugh “Ransom” Drysdale, and has continued in the form of 2022’s The Gray Man and as a nasty pharmaceutical exec in 2023’s Pain Hustlers cast. When the actor was asked about picking roles different from Captain America after Endgame, he said that Steve Rogers was actually more “against type” than his other roles.

Evans hasn’t only played the bad guy though. He also voiced Buzz Lightyear in 2022’s Lightyear and played an unlucky-in-love gent in Apple’s Ghosted, which broke records for the streaming service in 2023. While I enjoy watching Evans regardless of him being the good guy or a baddie, the idea of him playing a cult leader has me really intrigued. I think there’s so many ways Evans can approach a role like that, and I’m looking forward to him collaborating with Ethan Coen and re-teaming with Plaza.