Chris Evans happy to 'share' Sexiest Man Alive title with Dwayne Johnson

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Chris Evans is willing to "share" his Sexiest Man Alive title with Dwayne Johnson.

During a segment of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night, host Stephen announced that the "Hollywood movie star and incandescent supernova of hotness" had been selected as People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive of 2022.

After unveiling the cover, Stephen then cut to a pre-taped clip showing Chris accepting the honour from Dwayne, who was named Sexiest Man Alive of 2016.

"It means a lot coming from a former Sexiest Man Alive," Chris commented, to which Dwayne questioned, "What do you mean?"

While wearing a sash featuring his new title, the Captain America actor continued, "Thanks for the support as a former Sexiest Man Alive, it just means a lot."

In response, Dwayne explained that he will "never" give the label up.

"I'm Sexiest Man Alive in perpetuity, which means for life... Let me ask you a question, brother. Am I alive? I'm still alive. Am I still sexy? You bet your sexy mouth I am," he smiled, to which the 41-year-old noted, "We'll share it."

To conclude, Dwayne asked Chris to say something "sexy" to the camera.

"Go vote tomorrow," he answered, referring to the U.S. midterm elections.