Choosing a honeymoon location


First things first, choose what kind of climate you’d like to be in – are you looking for somewhere hot and sunny, or cold with plenty of snow? Starting with this will definitely help you narrow down your search. Make sure you also check out what the weather and temperature will be like in the seasons you plan to travel in – it might be worth trying to avoid times the when the place is prone to extreme weather conditions.

Your budget

Your honeymoon budget is going to play a major role in where you end up, so know how much you have available and plan around it. Remember it’s not just the travel and accommodation costs, you need to see how much things will be when you’re out there. So, make sure you find a place that fits your budget and factor in spending money too.


How far do you want to travel –are you looking for something close or long-haul? If you can save enough to go further than usual, then your honeymoon is the perfect time to do it. It’d be great if you can go to a part of the world that’s not the standard holiday destination and see places you’ve always dreamed of and may never get an opportunity to go to again.

Sun and sand

Are you a sun, sea and sand worshipper who loves nothing more than to kick back and relax all-day long? Then choose somewhere that is renowned for its tranquil and luscious beaches – pick the soft sands and palm-tree filled beach strip where you can really soak up the rays (although remember to apply sunscreen – burnt lobster is never the best colour to look in photos… or generally really).

Sports and activities

If you’re not one who can sit all day long with a book in hand and feel content, then find somewhere with lots of activities on offer. Take the opportunity to get water-sport happy – get surfing lessons, try water skiing or get your scuba gear on and try something new. Or, if you’re opting for colder climates, take to the slopes in and ski/snowboard your way down.

See the sights

The Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, the Taj Mahal – choose somewhere with iconic ‘must-see’ landmarks. There are so many beautiful locations around the world that you can choose from – so pick one that has some great attractions that you’ve always wanted to see. Or, alternatively, choose somewhere new that you’ve never been and embrace their history and their culture.


Do something out of the ordinary and take on a challenge of a lifetime. You could walk the Great Wall of China, discover the ancient Mayan ruins, or even reach the peak of Kilimanjaro. Achieving one of the great world challenges would be a great way to celebrate your newly married life, and the photos you’ll get will be amazing.

Can’t pick one?

If you’re struggling to pick one – then choose a few, by travelling around on your honeymoon. Going on a cruise is a great way to see lots of places; with the added benefit of the luxuries (shows, spas, all you can eat...) you’ll get on board ship. Or if you don’t fancy a luxury cruiser, you could always inter-rail around and see anywhere and everywhere you fancy.

Small budget

If you’ve not got a big budget allocated – then do not despair. We bet there are still many places that you’ve never seen in your home country. So, take the opportunity to see home delights, and landmarks. Choose a city to spend it in, or opt for a romantic hideaway somewhere in the country. No matter what budget you have, there will always be places to enjoy an idyllic honeymoon. Read more on
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