Chocolate Puppies Are Back At M&S And They’re Absolutely Adorable

m and s chocolate puppy easter
Chocolate Puppies Are Back On The Shelves At M&SM&S

It's been a long time since Easter eggs were only available in their classic egg-shaped form. Here at Delish we've seen all sorts - humungous giant eggs, eggs designed to fit through your letterbox, and even an entire Easter egg cottage.

One thing we didn't think we'd see would be Easter eggs shaped like puppies. Yep, canine-shaped chocolate Easter treats. Walter The Sausage Dog Easter Egg was first released by M&S in 2021, and was so popular with shoppers that it made a comeback in 2022. Now, he's back AGAIN, and he's brought a new friend...

First spotted on Facebook group Snack Reviews, group members were alerted to the fact that Walter had graced M&S shelves with his presence again, as well as a new canine buddy named Curly. Curly looks to be a cockapoo made from marbled chocolate - what has the world come to? Walter is still his old delicious milk chocolate self, and we can't decide whether we want to stroke him or eat him, it's confusing.

chocolate puppy easter eggs m and s
Snack Reviews Facebook Group

Although there is one important piece of the puzzle missing... Last year choccy Walter came alongside chocolate sausage dog friend Wilma, but this year, Wilma is nowhere to be seen! Mysterious.

Walter and Curly are available in M&S for £6 each.