Chocolate Orange Fans Listen Up - Orange Matchmakers Cookies Have Just Landed In Supermarkets!

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Photo credit: Kev's Snack Reviews / New Foods UK
Photo credit: Kev's Snack Reviews / New Foods UK

Matchmakers are up there with some of the best chocolate snacks to ever exist, and we're big fans of all the flavours on offer. But if there's one flavour we can't help but love, it's chocolate orange. So when we discovered that you could buy the zesty treats in cookie form, we were desperate to let you guys know!

First spotted on Instagram via @kevssnackreviews and @newfoodsuk, the zingy chocolate orange cookies are made with actual Matchmaker pieces, and they're the definition of delicious. Not to mention, they go perfectly with a hot cuppa!

The cookies are available now from Asda, and will set you back just £1.50 for four.

Collectively gathering thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, fans of the chocolate treats seem to be eager to try the new cookies.

One person tagged a friend and said, "How good do these sound😍," while another commented, "Cookies are my weak point." You and us both!

Fingers crossed they bring a mint version out next?

Bought some cookies the other day and they've already gone stale? We've got a nifty trick for reviving your stale cookies, and it's SO easy.

The trick? Place your piece of bread over your stack of cookies and inside a container, close the lid and leave overnight. In the morning, you'll be met with soft-as-though-freshly-baked cookies that have absorbed all the moisture from the bread, to become chewy again.

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